A Review of Jetty Solventless Vapes

by mountainremedy
Jetty Extracts Solventless Vape Cartridge

When Jetty announced that they were coming out with a new type of vape product, we were intrigued, and excited to review the new Jetty Solventless Vapes! What makes a Jetty Solventless vape different than other vapes? 

Why People Use Vapes:

For many of us, vaping cannabis is a newer avenue of consumption compared to our tried-and-true methods of smoking a pipe, joint, or bong.  When vape cartridges came onto the market people were really excited for a whole new way to consume discreetly! No more hiding in a corner with a toilet paper roll filled with tissue paper to conceal the smell. No more standing outside the house to keep the smoke from settling into the interior. Quickly though, many of us discovered the downfalls of our new toys; the price was high, the hardware often leaked, and the product was many times iffy at best. Then, there was the infamous "Vape Gate" which caused a lot of concern among vape users.  Now we’re past that. Hopefully, no one is buying their vapes from a “plug”, and we are all going to dispensaries to get our lab-tested vapes!

What to Look for from a Vape Cartridge:

I know why I use cannabis vapes.  I want to get a quick head rush that makes me feel a little giddy and lifts my mood.  As a user, I’m not personally too picky about my vape experience. As long as I get a good hit and it isn’t too harsh, I’m happy. Many people are more particular than I am, though!

First things first, you’ll want to find the right type of oil for the high you enjoy.

  • Are you in it for a strong head rush? High potency distillates will do the job!
  • Do you like a lot of flavor? There are a variety of terpene-infused vapes that provide a tastier experience.
  • Prefer a longer-lasting effect with less of an immediate head rush? Live Resin vapes have become more and more popular, and are perfect because they contain the full terpene spectrum associated with that strain and offer more of an “entourage” effect in the high.

What is a Jetty Solventless Vape?

According to Jetty: 

  • Jetty Solventless is made from live rosin that’s extracted using only ice, water, heat, and pressure. Purified for maximum potency, it delivers the true essence of the plant from start to finish. An extract made without ever touching a chemical.

Unboxing the Jetty Solventless Vape Cartridge:

Upon opening the package you will smell the terpene profile of the strain before even smoking the cartridge.  I’ve had a few of these and each strain does have a different aroma, which is especially obvious if you have experience with the common notes and terpenes in cannabis. The oil has a light yellow-amber color while retaining a “clear” quality. 

This vape cartridge is compatible with 510-thread vape batteries and has a Jetty signature wooden tip.

Jetty Solventless Vape Cartridge

Fun Fact: the wooden tip on a Jetty cart can also be used as a wooden “incense” tip, or composted.  Remove the tip from your cartridge and toss it in the fire pit or compost pile! 

A Review of Jetty Solventless Vapes:

I reviewed the Jetty Extracts - Solventless Vape in the strain Tropaya, known as a strain with indica effects.  I twisted the vape cartridge onto my 510-thread battery, took a puff, and got a big hit from the first pull - no “priming” necessary.  Immediately I was hit with a tingling sensation at the front of my forehead and a light flavor upon exhale.  The effects were long-lasting.  As a user with a high tolerance, my usual vape routine is to take a few puffs at once to get that cerebral and floaty head-buzz that usually dwindles within 10-15 minutes.  The Jetty Solventless vape cartridge kept my head afloat for a good 30-45 minutes, and I noticed my shoulders start to relax and anxieties melt away within that time.   

After an hour of letting a single puff settle, I used my tried-and-true method of a few big puffs in quick succession.  This way I could get a good comparison of what I usually experience from a vape cartridge.  

Immediately I was hit with a dizzying high that made my eyelids heavy.  This consumption method had me feeling as close to when you take a dab, without taking a dab.  I was ready to curl up on the couch with a rerun and close my eyes.  

A co-worker, with nearly a decade in the California cannabis industry, also reviewed Jetty Solventless Vapes and shared their experience as “the first vape I’ve tried that gave me dry-mouth”.  If that doesn’t tell you how potent these are, only trying one will!

Grab your favorite vape and enjoy a hike in the Berkeley HillsJetty Solventless will happily ride along!