Top Strains For Creativity

by mountainremedy
a person is being creative after smoking weed

Some of the greatest artistic minds of the 20th century, including notables Jerry Garcia, Hunter S. Thompson, and Louis Armstrong, all drew on cannabis as a source of inspiration. But is this creative relationship between humans and plants just a modern construction?  Have you ever wondered what the top cannabis strains are to enhance creativity?

For as long as humankind has dabbled with weed, there has been a creative and inspired relationship with it. Many artists have relied on the herb to stimulate the imagination, no matter the artistic expression, from music to literature to visual arts.

Is there truth to this long-standing assumption about weed's creative applications? And more importantly, for your own creative mind, what are the best strains to spark your artistic endeavors?

Research Demonstrates Weed Smokers Are More Creative

Today, researchers are looking at cannabis' many chemical compounds for specific applications, including how they could inspire creativity. Is it CBD or THC? Is it limonene or myrcene? To date, we just don't know which specific compounds get our creative juices flowering.

But, there is new evidence that cannabis consumers are more creative overall. In 2017, authors Emily LaFrance and Carrie Cuttler published a study in Consciousness and Cognition comparing cannabis consumers against non-consumers in structured creativity tests.

First, LaFrance and Cuttler discovered that cannabis lovers thought of themselves as more creative. They were generally more extroverted, open to new experiences, and less conscientious than the control group. What's more, when tested in an objective experiment, the cannabis-using group demonstrated superior convergent thinking ability than the non-cannabis group.

While the authors admit this finding may have more to do with personality and someone's openness to new experiences than the plant's magical properties, the results are fascinating nevertheless. Cannabis and creativity are correlated, but just not in the way we may have expected

4 Top Strains for Creativity

While the research is catching up to reality, what's the best source for strains that spark a creative journey? The best strains for inspiration come from the growing number of consumers combining weed with art. Here are some of the top-reported cultivars for creativity.


Gelato Cake

Combining the best aspects of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake, Gelato Cake is an incredibly sweet strain, with big hits of vanilla and berries. Typically reaching 20 percent THC, this is a mid-range strain ideal for those familiar with the plant's effects.

Although it's indica-dominant, don't let the strain type confuse you—this cultivar is reportedly an excellent source of inspiration. It leans much more energetic than you might expect, a perfect indica to keep up that productive daytime streak or long nights in the studio.

Aroma: Citrus, Diesel, Vanilla

Flavor: Citrus, Sweet, Vanilla

Experience: Creative, Cerebral, Relaxing


Blue Dream

There is a reason why Blue Dream continues to top the best-strain lists. Blue Dream is an ever-popular and award-winning, sativa-dominant strain with a reputation for inspirational vibes.

Blue dream comes from a cross between two stain legends: Blueberry and Haze. Together they create an altogether uplifting and euphoric experience.

Expect a delightful high, thanks to 19 percent THC and a blend of sweet, fruity terpenes. This sativa is an energizing cultivar and an excellent go-to for when you're deep into a creative rut. Don't worry; Blue Dream will shake it up.

Aroma: Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla

Flavor: Blueberry, Herbal, Sweet

Experience: Creative, Euphoric, Energizing


Durban Poison

An oldy but a goody, Durban Poison has what it takes to get your brain going after a streak of creative frustration. People have long reported this strain as a creative one, perhaps due to the 22 percent THC.

This strain comes straight to us from South Africa, thanks to train-explorer extraordinaire Ed Rosenthal. Cannabis connoisseurs state that it's good for focus, creativity, and mood.

Aroma: Earthy, Pine, Pungent

Flavor: Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Experience: Creative, Euphoric, Energizing


GMO Cookies

For those who prefer to keep their head while smoking, GMO Cookies is a gentle, moderately potent strain (16 percent THC), which promises just that. It's just enough to promote a happy, relaxing experience, but not enough to lose that artistic vision to the high.

GMO Cookies is a combination of Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies and is a robust indica-dominant variety. It's got an exotic terpene profile, with prominent coffee notes on the nose and the tongue. It's memorable from the first inhale to the last and well worth trying to get those artistic juices flowing.

Aroma: Coffee, Diesel, Pungent

Flavor: Coffee, Fruity, Herbal

Experience: Happy, Creative, Relaxing

Cannabis for Creativity: A Powerful Duo

For anyone in a creative rut, cannabis offers a new outlook and perhaps a few new ideas. Take a note from Jerry Garcia's or Snoop Dog's playbook when you need an artistic jumpstart. A pipe full of Durban Poison or a perfectly rolled Blue Dream blunt may offer you the inspiration you seek.

Now that you've had a chance to browse strains to aid in creativity, check out our article on how Cannabis interacts with the Endocannabinoid System to get a deeper understanding of how this special flower interacts with our bodies.