The Special Connection Between Women and Weed

by mountainremedy
woman on laptop on mountain remedy weed site

Let's look at the special connection between women and weed.  Many of Mountain Remedy's original customers know, but more of our newer customers do not know that Mountain Remedy was co-founded by a woman who still helps lead the company today.  In fact, if you were an "OG" customer you probably got a lot of your deliveries from her!

Women and weed go hand in hand throughout history. Let's look at a few modern-day products that appeal to female cannabis consumers.

Cannabis has played a prominent role in women's lives throughout history. Since the beginning of time, some of the earliest civilizations looked to women as healers and herb gatherers. During the Middle Ages, a German nun named Hildegard von Bingen wrote down a number of remedies using hemp. And, history also notes that Queen Victoria regularly used cannabis tinctures to ease menstrual cramps.

While legalization has encouraged more women to speak up and make their choices heard, some research suggests that the estimates are much lower than the actual numbers. A blog from Riv Capital last year indicates that not only are many women uncomfortable revealing their cannabis use, but some studies simply exclude them altogether.

So, what kind of products do women like? Let take a look at a few that are appealing to women from all age brackets.

Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Patches

Patches are the ultimate way to use cannabis discreetly. Apply to any veinous part of the body for 8-12 hours of effectiveness. Similar to nicotine patches or other types of adhesive medicine patches, Mary's Medicinals are highly targeted and perfect for any acute pain, such as cramps. Specially formulated to penetrate through the skin, patches essentially feed cannabinoids directly to a localized area. These patches are available in a wide range of cannabinoid formulations to address any need, including:

  • 1:1 THC to CBD with 10mg of each
  • 20mg CBD
  • 19mg CBN
  • 20mg THC – Indica
  • 20mg THC – Sativa
  • 37mg THCa

CANN Social Tonics

Let's face it; not everyone likes to get super stoned every time they use cannabis. CANN Social Tonics deliver a very low dose "buzz" that's great for anyone with a lower tolerance,  non-alcohol drinkers, and any consumer who wants a comfortable, functional effect. Endorsed by several celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Rebel Wilson, and more, CANN is considered the number one THC-infused beverage in California.

Kush Queen Bath Bombs

Who doesn't enjoy a relaxing, warm soak in the tub? Make it even more relaxing with THC and CBD-infused bath bombs from Kush Queen. With formulations named "Awaken" and "Relieve," whether you're looking to energize yourself for the day ahead or relax away whatever stresses you, these bath bombs know just how to set the mood. Whether you're buying them for yourself or as a gift for your bestie – Kush Queen Bath Bombs are guaranteed to be a big hit!

Level - Stimulate THCV Tablinguals

Get your hustle on with these tablets from Level. These sublingual tablets dissolve away quickly under your tongue for a fast-acting, low-dose edible that provides consumers with enough energy and focus to get through a pile of tasks. Containing a ratio of 1:1:1, the tablets contain 4mg of THCv for energy and appetite suppression, as well as THC and CBG.

GRAV - Glass Joints

Many women still like a more traditional cannabis experience, but may not like the burning paper smell of smoking a joint. In this case, GRAV Glass joints provide an option for women who don't like the smell or taste of burning rolling papers and blunts. A great reusable option, the GRAV is refillable with your flower and provides the ability to have just a puff or two and conserve the rest.

Selfies Mini Pre-Rolls

All women deserve to be a little "Selfie-ish" because we so often focus our care on making sure others' needs are met, and the Selfies Minis are just perfect for microdosing cannabis without the hassle. Known in some areas as "dog-walkers," these little pre-rolls are just the right size for taking a stroll around the block with your furry friend.

Bloom Farms Vapes

Naturally, we can't resist mentioning a local, Oakland-based brand, Bloom Farms. More than just a cannabis company focused on wealth; this producer recognizes civic responsibility with a one-for-one meal giveback program.  The vapes are great for a quick buzz that melts away the day's stress without the smell of smoking. But keep that warm-fuzzy feeling going by knowing that the company is putting your money to good use.

Women Love Weed

Long story short, more and more women are rediscovering our ancient connection with the infamous herb. As prohibition ends, continue to look for more women to find their voice and speak up in favor of cannabis as a herbal remedy. If you haven't checked it out - see our 5 Ways Yoga Enhances Your High article!