New Year, New Weed: Ring in 2023 with Fresh New Flower, Vapes, and More

by jessica
cannabis flower, rainbow lights, black background

While some folks are embarking on the annual tradition of sober January, ours is looking especially green. That’s because we have all kinds of new goodies in stock, and there’s something for everyone. Our new products fro 2023 include cannabis beverages, concentrates, vapes, flower, and more. So let’s ring in the new year with new weed.

Our Favorite New Products

Cannabis beverages are some of the new products popping up. These are a nice alternative to more traditional beers and hard seltzers. These are especially refreshing on warm days, but can always be enjoyed indoors on the couch as well.

One of the best drinks out there is CANN - Infused Energy: Thunder and Lightning beverages. With 20 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD – as well as uplifting yerba mate – each can will lift you gently into a citrusy high with a mildly sweet flavor.

Another newish weed trend is live rosin, a cannabis concentrate made without any solvents. One of the best products out there is the indica-leaning West Coast Cure: Cold Cure Live Rosin Badder, with a lush texture, potent terpene profile, and tasty papaya flavor. 

Our Favorite New Strain

[caption id="attachment_1082" align="alignright" width="460"]red, yellow, blue lights on a cannabis plant Our favorite new products this year include weed drinks and solventless extractions.[/caption]

Jelly strains are trending in both flower and edibles, a delicious and fruity way to ring in the new year. One of the most popular offerings is Grape Jelly flower from Kuda. An indica-forward hybrid, this weed will give you a coherent high that quells anxiety with each sweet exhale.

Another stoner-favorite hybrid is 454’s Peanut Butter & Jelly flower, which of course has a nutty aroma, but with a spicy kick that perks you up. The result is a high that settles nicely in both your brain and your body, relieving stress and inducing happiness.

If the idea of a sophisticated indica perks up your ears, there’s Jelly Roll flower from Dime Bag, an indica that’s known for producing an especially contemplative brain buzz and enduring body high. The anise and grape flavor brings the sophistication into the equation. 

Then there’s another product from West Coast Cure’s Cold Cure Live Rosin menu, this one in a strawberry jelly flavor. This high-octane indica will bring on the bliss, ease your aches, and usher in the Zs. It’s a true dabber’s delight.

And, More Solventless and Live Resin Vapes Than Ever Before 

While there isn’t too much innovation happening with these products, the popularity of solventless and live resin vapes is on the rise. As a result, brands are stepping up their game and producing more than ever. That means more great options for weed fans.

For example, Jetty’s OMG Solventless vape is an excellent option for all of the sativa fans out there — no, we haven’t forgotten you. This pure concentrate will bring on that classic sativa high, lifting both your spirit and your smile with a skunky and deep aroma.

Another one for sativa lovers is Absolute Xtracts Blue Dream vape, which contains old-school live resin. While this won’t deliver a wallop of a high, it instead delivers one that’s rejuvenating and balanced. That way, you can go about your day no matter what you have planned.

Of course, every stoner has one vape they keep on their nightstand to help them sleep. A favorite is Level’s Lights Out, which does one job and does it well: chills you out. The brand attributes that to its custom balance of THC, CBG, and CBN.

New Year, New Weed, New You

No one really knows yet what 2023 has in store when it comes to current events or life changes, but you do know that your weed stash is going to be on point. And while you don’t need to try every new thing on the menu, it’s an admirable new year’s resolution to make.