4 Tasty Edibles to Explore San Pablo’s Lakesides

by jessica
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It's hot. It's sweaty. So, it's time to spend this sweltering summer near a body of water. So why not explore a few of our lakeside areas around San Pablo and East Bay?To enhance these experiences, we’ve paired each of them with our latest favorite cannabis edibles . As always, our cannabis edibles are delivered right to your door.

We looked at the best locations for fishing, boating, hiking, swimming, picnics, and more — all around San Pablo. If you’ve never gotten your feet wet, here are a few East Bay lakes we recommend

Planning a Day at the Lake (With Cannabis Edibles Delivered)

When planning a day at the lake, you can deepen your connection to nature even more with one or two tasty edibles edibles.

Here, we have put together an offering of sativa and hybrid edible recommendations for each location. We’d suggest indica options, but those effects are typically sleepy.

For the lake, we want offer you options for energetic social vibes. So, we are sticking with uplifting sativas and mood boosting hybrids.

Go Boating on the San Pablo Reservoir

This East Bay beauty is a fantastic option for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

As a reservoir, swimming isn’t on schedule. But if you like boating, this is your San Pablo lakeside! You can hit up canoeing, kayaking, and motorized boat rentals.

What about fishing? The lake has both trout and catfish, and you can pick up an inexpensive fishing license on your way there. With 14 miles of shoreline to explore, you will encounter wildlife, waterfowl, and sandy beaches.

For this type of day, we recommend Kanha cherry gummies. They are a sativa blend with a mild 10 milligrams of THC per gummy. These particular edibles are uplifting and great for being on the go. If you are boating, just make sure you have a sober driver!

Don’t forget to get your cannabis edibles delivered the day before, and pack up a few snacks for the boat.

Work Up a Sweat Hiking at Lake Chabot

Get the most of your day at Lake Chabot by arriving in the morning (this park closes by 4 pm). Here, you’ll find over 20 miles of hiking trails to explore. Including an eight-mile loop you can walk for a more accessible option.

Download Lake Chabot map of the park’s trails, so you don’t get lost. But with the spectacular natural landscape, don’t be afraid to wander. Expect to find peace among the conifers, grasses, eucalyptus trees, and wildflowers. If you prefer to cycle, the paths are also accessible to bikes.

To help you further immerse yourself in the beauty of the flora and shorelines of park, our edible pairing suggestion is Kiva Petra Mints. The mints are made with peppermint, matcha, and vanilla. Each mint has 2.5 milligrams of a THC hybrid blend.

When it comes to getting cannabis edibles delivered, these Kiva Mints are a perfect microdose to make that lakeside sparkle.

Finding Peace at Lake Temescal

Lake Temescal is one of the quieter lakes in the area. If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of lake Merritt, we recommend Lake Temescal for its peace and serenity.

Lake Temescal was a popular camping spot for writers and artists in the 1800s, and today it remains a beautiful spot for journaling and drawing.

There are several picnic areas available at Lake Temescal. No permit is required for fishing, and the lake is stocked with trout and catfish. We recommend this lake for a slower, calmer experience. Don't forget, it is open until 10 pm.

The suggested edible pairing for Lake Temescal would be Wyld Huckleberry Gummies, which offers a cheerful hybrid blend. A little relaxing, a little creative, and a big dose of nature.

Picnics and Swimming at Lake Anza

Lake Anza is located in the beautiful Tilden Regional Park, near Berkeley.

The idyllic beach has areas for picnics and swimming. You can play Frisbee or badminton, or lounge with a book. If you need snacks, there are amenities on site including a snack bar and changing rooms.

The recommended pairing for this more relaxed adventure is Level Protab Sativa, which offers 100 milligrams of THC per tab. As always, with an edible this strong, be prepared to spend the whole day, or at least several hours, at Lake Anza.

Get Your Cannabis Edibles Delivered, Then Explore San Pablo’s Lakes

If you live in the East Bay, these lakes are all in your backyard, ready for exploration. Whatever adventure you choose, boating, fishing, hiking, cycling, swimming, and relaxing can all be enhanced with THC edibles.