Weed Gummies Are Taking Over: Cali's Top Gummies

by jessica
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Right now, there are more ways to enjoy cannabis in California than ever before. But one product in particular is sweeping the state: weed gummies. From Contra Costa County edibles to Long Beach infused treats, Californians are falling for these tasty, discrete, and affordable products. 

There’s lots to love about these humble edibles, and at Mountain Remedy we have a front row seat. Here is a little info about how these sweet infused treats took over, and our all time favorite top selling brands.

 How Weed Gummies Took Over California

Only a few years ago, weed gummies weren’t even on the radar of the Cannabis Cup. Traditional edibles like brownies and chocolate bars were dominating the edibles market.

But now, weed gummies are everywhere. So what happened? Put simply, cannabis companies started producing delicious, well-branded edibles that were carefully dosed. And Californians responded by buying them in the thousands.

Over the last few months, weed gummies got an additional boost from the pandemic. Lots of new users have discovered cannabis since early 2020. Many of those consumers are health-conscious. They’re turning away from smoking and vaping, and looking for healthy ways to get a hit.

All of this means that weed gummies are now the most popular edibles in California. With edibles taking nearly one billion USD in sales over the last year according to Headset, that means literally tons of gummies sold.

Why Do We Love Weed Gummies?

[caption id="attachment_883" align="alignright" width="464"]a woman's hand holding pink gummies Whether you love the THC-gummies, or mellow CBD vibes, there are always tasty options.[/caption]

There are so many ways we’ve fallen in love with weed gummies. Here are a few reasons we find ourselves reaching for a gummy on the regular:

  • They’re easy to dose. Most gummies contain either 5mg or 10mg of THC. They’re clearly labelled, and every gummy is the same. You know you’ll get a consistent high from your favorite product every time.
  • They’re discreet. Unlike pulling out a vape pen or lighting up a joint, gummies are discreet to use and transport. That means you can take them anywhere and consume whenever the mood takes you.
  • They’re affordable. Gummies are typically sold in packs of 10, with prices starting around $15. That makes them one of the cheapest cannabis products out there. Plus, you don’t need any extra accessories to enjoy them.
  • They’re delicious! While making edibles at home can have some dubious results, professionally made weed gummies are universally tasty. Brands have perfected a huge range of unique flavors to please everyone. 

We could go on, but you get the idea! Gummies are a winner because they’re easy to use, deliver a reliable high, and they taste great.

Mountain Remedy’s Favorite Weed Gummies

Kiva Camino: Cali’s Favorite Gummies

California-based brand Kiva is proud to make one of the state’s favorite gummies. Their Camino range comes in loads of great flavors, including pineapple habanero and wild cherry. 

Each has a unique terpene and cannabinoid profile, so each offers a tailored high, whether you’re looking for an uplift or total relaxation. Looking for contra costa county edibles? This is our go to!

Lost Farm: Plant-Based Favorites

We love Lost Farm’s strain-specific gummies, made using liven resin. They offer a similar experience to choosing your favorite flower in your local bud shop.

They’re also completely plant-based. So they’re a great choice for vegan consumers or those who just want to know what they’re putting into their body.

Wyld: For First-Timers

Wyld’s gummy collection is inspired by the landscapes of our neighbors in Oregon. But they’re equally popular here in California for the balanced high they offer.

We recommend these for first-time users because Wyld sells plenty of high-CBD gummies. If you’re looking for a less intense high, they’re a great place to start.

Smokiez: For Health-Conscious Consumers

Another vegan option, Smokiez gummies are also dairy-free, gluten-free, and contain no high-fructose corn syrup. Basically, they’re as good for you as a gummy can be!

Smokiez offers a great range of flavors of hybrid gummies. They’re made with a high-quality isolate, and each gummy contains exactly 10mg of THC for a dependable, enjoyable high.

Kanha: Carefully Crafted

Kanha gummies have a great reputation among Californians, and rightly so. Their gummies are carefully crafted using premium ingredients and always deliver a reliable high.

Kanha gummies are also engineered to get you high quicker than those from competitors. They work in around 15 minutes, compared to 90 minutes for other edibles, which is perfect for when you just need a quick hit.

Absolute Xtracts: Best on a Budget

Another homegrown edibles brand, Absolute Xtracts offers the best bang for your buck on the market. Their delicious, fruity edibles start at only $15 per pack. And each pack contains 20 edibles with 5mg of THC each.

Their range of gummies includes strain-specific options, and all offer a potent and memorable high.

Care By Design: For CBD Lovers

If CBD is your thing, there’s plenty of weed gummies for you, too. Care By Design has created some of our favorites. Their 1:1 CBD:THC raspberry gummy is their most popular product with consumers who need help winding down.

The balance of THC and CBD leads to a relaxing high that’s therapeutic and manageable. And minor cannabinoids enhance the high so you get the most benefit.

Buy Contra Costa County Edibles Online

Weed gummies are here to stay. And here in the Bay Area, a huge range of delicious products are available to order online for delivery. There’s weed gummies for every occasion, and they all taste great. 

We think you can’t go wrong with any of our favorites. But why not try a quick search for “weed gummies near me” and see what you discover!