Celebrate Mothers Day: Join the Cannamoms Movement

by jessica
bouquet of cannabis flowers

This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating moms who use cannabis to be better parents. Meet the Cannamoms, a community of mothers who use weed to beat stress and build better connections with their kids.

Cannamoms have created a community of support for moms who use cannabis, and they’re there to guide you on any question from how to raise children responsibly around cannabis, to finding high-quality cannabis products that fit into your life.

Who are the Cannamoms?

A cannamom is a mother who uses cannabis as part of parenting. For most cannamoms, cannabis is simply a way to relax and unwind, like pouring a glass of wine at the end of the day. 

Since cannabis became legal in some states, more and more cannamoms started reaching out to one another, forming communities of support and advice. As responsible parents, they want to stop the stigma surrounding smoking weed or taking edibles.

One of the biggest online communities was found by Kaycee Cuesta, better known as The Cannavist Mom. In just five years, her Facebook support group has grown to 26,500 members. “Mommy needs a joint should be just as acceptable as mommy needs a glass of wine,” Cuesta writes on her blog.

Cannabis has helped some cannamoms manage stress and anxiety, helping them to better connect with their kids. One such mom is chef Lauren Gulyas (@lolasbest), who tried edibles as a way to cope with the stress of being a new mom. Now, she believes cannabis makes her a better parent.

For cannamom Amanda Rogers, smoking weed gives her the calm and focus she needs to spend quality time with her son. Rogers founded Mom’s Tea and Cannabis, a non-profit advocating for moms who consume cannabis.

“I’m a really anxious person,” Rogers explained on her Instagram. “I wasn’t able to really sit with my kid and enjoy him. In my mind I was busy thinking I have laundry to do, I have to go online and pay this bill, I have to cook dinner. I was not mentally present with him.”

Using cannabis has changed her relationship with her son for the better. “Being able to have cannabis in my system, I’m able to sit there and enjoy him,” she said.

How Can You Join the Cannamom Community?

If you’re looking for a group of cannabis-positive moms to share advice, laughs, and parenting experiences with, the cannamom community could be a great fit for you. Search #cannamom on any social media platform, join a group, and get involved! We recommend starting with Cannavist Moms Club on Facebook.

Of course, the first step is to be a cannamom yourself — and for that, we have some recommendations on the best products to spoil yourself with or give to a lucky mom on Mother’s Day.

Best Mothers Day Gifts for the Cannamoms in Your Life

Beat the standard chocolate-and-moisturizer Mother’s Day presents this year with a thoughtful cannabis-infused gift that any cannamom would be thrilled to receive.


a couple holding a large cannabis bud, smelling

A preroll is the ultimate gift of convenience for moms who always have their hands and diaries full. No grinding or rolling required, just light up and go.

Jeeter Mai Tai Preroll 5-Pack

Send mama on a tropical island holiday in her own backyard with this handy pack of prerolls. The terpene profile is a cocktail of fruity flavors to invoke an instant mental vacation. It’s an indica with a whopping 41% THC, rolled into half-gram prerolls for a quick five-minute smoke.

Ember Valley Strawberry Milkshake Preroll

This milkshake definitely isn’t from the kiddies menu. Strawberry Milkshake is a balanced hybrid that will gently calm a racing mind and deliver a light touch of laughter and energy. 


Moms like to stick their hands in the cookie jar, too, so why not give the gift of a sweet treat that delivers more than just a sugar high? An added bonus of edibles is no second-hand smoke around the kids.

KIVA Sea Salt Caramel Terra Bites

With a caramel center, coated in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt, these delicious chocolate balls are a great way to get a precise dosing of cannabis as well as an indulgent treat to boost any mom’s mood on a tough day. 

Kanha Cherry Gummies

These sativa-infused gummies offer a hit of energy in a cheerful cherry flavor. They’re perfect for an active day full of errands or a mom-sized to-do list. 


For moms who battle with aches and pains, a cannabis-infused topical could be just the relief she’s looking for.

Liquid Flower Cannabis-Infused Body Butter

This topical lotion is high in THCA, THC, and CBD for deep and effective pain relief within minutes of application. It has no psychoactive effects but promises to improve mobility and provide local pain relief.

Supporting Cannamoms This Mothers Day

Although moms often face negative pushback for using cannabis, many mothers find that cannabis helps them be better parents and happier, more fulfilled human beings. This Mother’s Day, show some support to the cannamoms you know.