CBD Delivery at the Gym? CBD is Moving Into Professional Sports

by jessica
Professional football player holds football to camera

Cannabis in professional sports has been big news lately. Sha’Carri Richardson’s controversial Olympic ban made headlines and raised plenty of questions around cannabis’ status as a banned substance, especially now that cannabis and CBD delivery is legal in dozens of states.

But meanwhile, research on CBD in sports got a boost in June when the NFL announced $1 million of funding to understand how CBD could help NFL players manage pain.  

This is exciting news for athletes hoping for more research on the effects of CBD. And it’s a clear signal of the growing acceptance of cannabis’ potential as a medical and therapeutic drug.

NFL is Making History

The tide has been turning on CBD in professional sports for the last few years. The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the banned substances list in 2018 (although THC remains completely forbidden). And recently, the NFL, NHL, and MLB have all made moves to stop penalizing players for marijuana use.

So, the NFL research funding is a massive step for cannabis research in sports. They announced that they will give out grants to researchers exploring the potential for CBD to offer pain relief for players. 

In particular, they’re interested in two things: reducing dependence on NSAIDs and opioids and reducing the impact of head injuries and concussions.

This won’t just benefit NFL players; the research findings will help us better understand how to use CBD for pain relief, recovery, and inflammation. For now, there’s no solid evidence base for CBD, but that could all change soon.

CBD for Pain: What the Science Says

Why are people already getting on the CBD delivery bandwagon? Because of exciting preliminary research.

Now, professional sports are getting involved. The NFL is interested in finding out more about CBD’s potential to act as an analgesic (pain reliever). While there’s lots of anecdotal evidence, most of the research so far comes from animal studies and a small number of clinical trials. There’s barely any evidence on CBD and athletes specifically.

However, what we do know is promising. A 2020 review in Sports Medicine found that CBD shows “robust anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and analgesic effects.” Those were animal studies, but they show the promise of CBD for athletes like NFL players facing various types of pain..”

CBD and THC have also been investigated for treating different types of pain, including chronic pain and cancer. A 2018 review in Frontiers in Pharmacology found evidence of cannabis’ pain relief properties, although most studies have been on THC and CBD combined, not CBD alone. In fact, one of the only prescription medicines (Nabiximols) derived from cannabis uses both THC and CBD to relieve pain.

How to Use CBD For Sports

If you’re interested in trying CBD for sports, it’s understood to be reasonably safe. Before you spend your pay check on CBD delivery, you'll want to know the complete picture.

There are few side effects, and the most common ones are not serious. It also appears that CBD doesn’t negatively impact performance (although more research is required).

There are several different ways to try CBD for sports. If you’re a professional athlete, though, who has to complete drug tests, you’ll want to be sure you’re using pure CBD isolate with no THC. If you’re an amateur, you have more options, and THC can even enhance the effects of CBD in the correct ratios.

CBD for Pain Relief

Depending on your type of pain, there are different ways to try CBD. 

For immediate relief post-game, you could use a topical like the Humboldt Apothecary CBD stick. It contains THC and CBD for optimal recovery, and essential oils like wintergreen and eucalyptus that promote healing.

For ongoing pain and inflammation—for example, from injury—you might try getting some CBD edibles delivered. For instance, we love Kiva’s 6:2 CBD gummies. They contain a small amount of THC to enhance the effects of CBD and can help reduce pain and promote recovery.

CBD for Recovery

Even if you’re not suffering from acute pain, CBD can help promote recovery by improving sleep quality. Taking a CBD edible before bed can help you get to sleep quicker and encourage your body to recover after a hard workout. Kanha’s all-natural CBD gummies are a healthy choice that lots of athletes love.

CBD for a Mental Boost

Finally, some athletes also find CBD helpful for a mental boost before a competition. Its natural anti-anxiety effects can help calm pre-game nerves without affecting focus and concentration.

The LEVEL Tablingual is an excellent choice in this situation because it contains no THC at all. Plus, the CBD is absorbed quickly and effectively through sublinguals, far faster than edibles or other methods of CBD delivery.

Get CBD Delivery, Before Your Next Workout

You can expect to hear far more about CBD and sports now that the NFL has thrown their hat in the ring. But you don’t have to wait for the research to try CBD for recovery and pain relief yourself. Simply get some CBD edibles delivered before your next big workout, and find out what works for you.