Carbon Negative Indoor Cannabis?

by mountainremedy
THC Design cannabis in a reusable glass jar

Is it possible to have carbon negative indoor cannabis? Companies in California are working towards making this a reality! It has become a California cannabis community question everyone hears: "is this weed indoor?".  Indoor grown cannabis gets more popular every year, but does it take into consideration the toll it takes on the environment?

Indoor Cannabis: What are the benefits?

We know that people love indoor cannabis, but why? There are a few reasons why someone may want to only smoke bud that was grown indoors.

  • The fast acting head rush and onset of desired effects
  • Bud structure preservation
  • Expression of terpenes through an abundance of complex aromas. 
  • Generally considered the most potent

Carbon Negative: How is this possible?

There are a few ways companies are reducing the carbon footprint of growing cannabis.  First, companies can use a carbon footprint calculator to get an estimate of where they stand. Next they will need to make changes specific to their operations such as finding options for renewable energy and finding ways to offset the carbon used.  THC Design has gone above and beyond this process and hired a 3rd party to inspect each detail of their operation. The result is to make sure they are closing the loop on their carbon output in any way that they can. This includes a focus on sustainable growing practices and renewable sources of energy in their cannabis production and packaging.

THC Design Indoor Cannabis is Carbon Negative

According to their website, THC Design is working towards being the first carbon negative indoor cannabis company.

"Through the use of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and carbon offsets, we are making big strides towards not just being carbon neutral, but eventually carbon negative and climate positive."

THC design gets it down to the details and even the labels on their products are compostable.  Their indoor cannabis comes packaged in a reusable glass jar with a wooden top and minimal plastic. Glass packaging keeps the cannabis fresh, and this jar has a tight seal under the lid to make sure your bud's structure and terpenes are kept in top shape before you open the jar.

Why We Love THC Design Cannabis 

One thing we really like about THC Design flower is that they display the top 3 terpenes in each strain on the packaging.  This helps consumers understand what terpenes they enjoy, and which strains to purchase.  Have you ever tried a strain you really love, only to wonder why it hits different when you try from a different source? A lot of times that has to do with the dominant terpenes in the flower.  By displaying the top 3 terpenes in each jar THC Design helps users understand which terpenes work for them.  Right now we're loving XJ-13, a Jack Herer cross with a pungent aroma.

Just like Mountain Remedy, THC Design is not “corporate cannabis”. Their story follows a parallel with Mountain Remedy.  Just two people who built a company flipping one harvest to the next without taking outside investment or venture capital.  We were both raised in the traditional pre-recreational market and have persisted and thrived.


Other cannabis companies are getting on board with carbon neutrality.  In a recent instagram post, Wyld announced they have achieved Carbon Neutrality by measuring, reducing, and offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions produced by their overall operations, and have transitioned all Wyld facilities to 100% renewable energy.

Check out our "What's in the bag" review on THC Design flower on youtube!

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