Cannabis Drinks: The Newest Edible on the Market!

by jessica
Weed infused drink, lemon slice, straw

These days, cannabis users have more choice than ever in how they consume. And more and more of them are turning away from traditional methods of consumption. Instead, they’re choosing innovative products that seem safer, healthier, and easier to dose.

Cannabis drinks are one of the newest—and fastest-growing—options on the market. Recent technological innovations have made delicious, healthy, cannabis-infused drinks a reality. And they’re gaining quite a following among casual users, connoisseurs, and investors.

What Are Cannabis Drinks?

Weed drinks are exactly what they say on the tin: alcohol-free beverages that contain active cannabinoids like THC and CBD. They typically contain a relatively low dose of THC (5 - 10%) and come in a range of flavors, styles, and serving sizes.

Thanks to their low dosage, infused drinks offer a light and manageable high. The effects tend to hit fairly quickly and don’t last too long

Traditionally, cannabis drinks tended to look and taste like soda. It’s not that easy to turn cannabis into a drink so producers often turned to strong, sugary flavors to carry the cannabinoids, sometimes at the expense of taste.

But in the last couple of years, there have been some big changes in the cannabis drinks market. Now, you’ll most likely see THC drinks that look like craft beers or hard seltzers. Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops is one of the most popular brands, and it’s hard to distinguish from a craft IPA at first glance.

These new styles of drink, with more subtle flavors and fewer calories, are made possible by new technologies that better dissolve cannabis in water and still retain the high. As a result, they’re becoming a viable alternative to alcoholic drinks for people deciding how to get their Friday night buzz.

Who’s Choosing Weed Drinks?

These new thirst-quenching edibles seem to be winning over both casual users and connoisseurs alike. Lots of the newer products on the market are targeted at casual or new users, with recognizable branding that make these drinks seem like an obvious replacement for a beer or cocktail. So far, it seems like this approach is working.

Cannabis drinks are popular among millennials, especially in places with an already-booming craft drinks scene. Health-conscious consumers are also turning to weed drinks, which often contain fewer calories and sugar than other edibles. And older consumers are sold too, as cannabis beverages seem much more accessible than smoking or vaping.

The Biggest Cannabis Beverages on the Market

While traditionally cannabis beverages were made by specialist cannabis companies, recently several big beverage giants have moved into the market, too. Lagunitas, owned by multinational Heineken, is having great success with their Hi-Fi Hops range of hoppy sparkling beverages.

And Pabst Blue Ribbon, who have been making beer for 175 years, recently released their High Seltzer lemon-flavored drink, containing 5mg or 10mg of THC. 

Smaller, specialist companies are also bringing popular products to the market. CANN’s Social Tonics and Roadies have just 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per serving, and trendy flavors like lemon lavender and grapefruit rosemary. Wunder has introduced a line of drinks with 10mg Delta-9 THC and 10mg Delta-8 THC, the perfect amount of cannabis to get a good buzz after only one drink.  Wunder beverages come in 4-packs in delicious flavors like Blood
Orange Bitters and Watermelon Basil.

The Future of Cannabis Drinks

The cannabis drinks market is changing very quickly, so expect to see lots of new products appearing over the next couple of years. It’s predicted that the market will be worth $2.5 million USD by 2025. If federal legalization happens soon, it could grow even more quickly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated the popularity of weed beverages. As bars and restaurants closed, and alcohol sales dropped across the country, cannabis drinks boomed. People are drinking less, but still looking for ways to relax and get a buzz, even from home.

But there are still some hurdles for cannabis drinks to overcome. One is that most dispensaries aren’t set up to sell drinks—unlike liquor stores, they don’t have the infrastructure. It also might take time for users to adapt to drinks, with a much smaller dose of THC than a joint or gummy edible.

However, if recent investments are any sign, it seems like weed drinks are just getting started. Today’s THC beverages offer consumers a healthy, safe product with a great buzz. It’s no wonder they’re getting lots of attention.

Are Cannabis Drinks for You?

Whether you’re a long-time user or just cannabis-curious, weed drinks are worth checking out. There are lots of great choices available right now, and in a few months there’s no doubt there’ll be even more. With great flavors, easy dosing, and no hangover, cannabis drinks are here to stay.