A High Holiday Gift Guide For Weed Lovers

by mountainremedy
Cannabis as a Holiday Gift

It's that time of year again, we're all in gifting mode! Searching for perfect gifts for our loved ones is a hassle that seems to get more difficult every year. Use a high holiday gift guide for weed lovers to help you check people off your list! Do your loved ones like to relax and unwind with a little weed? Search no further! Don't wait for your package to get stolen off your front door step or stress about shipping times. Mountain Remedy will keep your holiday spirits high and stress levels low. Give them the gift of relaxation and stress relief this season. Maybe even give yourself some too! We'll deliver your gifts same day, or scheduled ahead if that fits your needs better.

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A High Holiday Gift Guide For Weed Lovers

You know that you will get your cannabis order delivered right into your hands. Check off the weed lovers on your list with ease. Don't stress yourself out more than necessary by waiting in long lines just to purchase a gift. Simply check out what you'd like online, and get a delivery! Mountain Remedy makes it easy with same day or scheduled delivery. We can help you shop for gifts up to the last minute! You won't have to worry about whether your package is going to arrive on time. You get real-time delivery tracking and a customer service team ready to help you get what you need for the holidays!

Types of Weed Lovers:

First things first, what type of cannabis lover are you buying gifts for? Do they always have a new loud indoor strain to show off? Are they the type of person who's doesn't go anywhere without their vape? Maybe weed gummies are a main part of their diet. Do they have to roll a blunt before everything they do? Chances are, you'll be getting a THC infused gift for one of the types of weed lovers below. If you weren't planning on it, we're sure they'll appreciate you keeping it lit this holiday season.

The Cannasseur

Cannasseur; an expert in all things related to cannabis. You know you have one on your hands if they know the difference between a terpene and THC. Chances are if you have a cannasseur on your hands they've tried it all, and are choosey about what they like. Find a holiday gift for this type of stoner. You'll to keep them high and happy!

STIIIZY 40’s Infused Prerolls

Potent, all rolled up and ready to go. STIIIZY prerolls are perfect for anyone who likes name-brand, designer, or just straight up strong weed.

West Coast Cure - Cold Cure Live Resin

This top shelf concentrate has a beautiful badder-like consistency and is useful in multitude of ways. Dab it, or use it on a joint to maximize the potency and flavor. If you have a cannasseur on your list, snag them some West Coast Cure Cold Cure Live Resin!

The Gummy Enthusiast

Do you know someone who eats a weed gummy everyday? That is what we would call a gummy aficionado. For most of us starting at a young age we took our vitamins in this tasty and easily consumed form. Cannabis gummies are just as easy to consume and offer relief for many people. Infused gummies help many manage stress levels, pain, and mood stability. Keep the gummy lover in high spirits all holiday season long with one of these tasty confections.

Alien Labs Galactic Gummies

Alien Labs Galactic Gummies are a hash infused delight! This type of infusion provides a great flavor and a relaxing body buzz. Their crunchy candy-coated top give them a unique soft crunch.

Lost Farms Rosin Gummies

Wow them with live rosin infused gummies. Known in the industry as the ultimate experience for a clean potent full bodied high. Lost Farms strain specific edibles bring out the flavor of each strain with unique fruit flavors pairings. The newest flavor to the line up, Cherry Lime, uses GMO live rosin to. 

The Blunt Roller

Many blunt enthusiasts are disappointed with California's decision to ban flavored tobacco products. Lift their holiday spirit by gifting them something this particular type of cannabis lover enjoys. Something they can put in their blunt to enhance the flavor!

Nasha Powder Hash

Nasha's powder hash reminds us of the good old days. Many cannasseurs love to fill whatever we're rolling or smoking with kief to make it more potent. Lucky for us, this potent concentrate tastes amazing and adds a layer of concentration to anything were smoking.

ABX Badder

An ideal consistency for melting to seal the blunt with concentrate and punch up the potency. ABX Badder contains THC diamonds and HTE extract whipped into a fluffy badder-like texture.

The One That's Always Hitting Their Vape

Do you know someone who relies on their vape to get through the day? Maybe they have a stressful job. Or they could live in an apartment complex where they are not allowed to smoke. Many of us enjoy taking a puff of a weed vape before any extra curricular. There is just something about getting a little head buzz that makes any chore a little more fun. Gift the vaper in your life, even if it's you, something to puff on this holiday.

Heavy Hitters The Truth

This limited edition high potency strain won't be around for long! The Truth is an indica-leaning strain with a distinctively OG flavor. This vape is known to lift the spirits and mood while providing a relaxing all over high.

Jetty Solventless

The most advanced in cannabis concentrates for the longest lasting high. The Jetty Solventless vape is perfect for anyone who can’t get enough of a puff. Fresh frozen plant matter creates the best cannabis oil concentrate for the most true-to-strain vape experience. 

Connected Vape Battery

Chances are, if they love to vape they’ve lost a battery or two. Why not add a stocking stuffer in a cool camo pattern. Connected is known in the weed industry as top of the line. With their interesting designs in cool colors, you will be sure to please the vaper in your life! Why not add a few vape cartridges to their stocking?

The One Who Does It All

Connected / Alien Labs Disposables

Disposable vapes from Connected or Alien Labs are an easy all-in-one way to partake and melt the days stresses away and keep your head high. The perfect pick-me-up in an easy to carry package. Treat them to a puff of a top shelf strain to make their day a little lighter. 

Buddies Fire & Ice or Liquid Flower Topical Stick

With time comes aches and pains. What better gift to give than relief! Any weed lover will probably already know about the soothing powers of using cannabis topically. Choose one of these easy-to-apply pain relieving cannabis topicals.

Keep Your Holiday Spirits High Weed Lovers!

We all have a lot going on this time of year. Remember to take care of yourself and your own holiday spirit. Tis the season of green, in more ways than one. Our High Holiday Gift Guide for Weed Lovers will help you navigate gift giving for the stoners in your life. Let a little green help you release the tension and fully enjoy all that the holidays are meant to be.