Music, Munchies, and Movies: Cannabis in Concord California

by jessica
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You've arrived in Concord, California. Now what? What better time to explore the city of Concord than after a quick search for cannabis delivery near me? From our perspective, an adventure is best accompanied by a pleasant buzz. 

As Concord, California, declares, it has "Space to Meet, Room to Explore." We couldn't agree more. With a cannabinoid-infused afternoon, you'll be more interested in your surroundings and tuned in to the city's energy, and your senses — including your tastebuds — will be heightened.

Concord is the perfect weekend destination, especially when paired with an edible or your THC beverage of choice. Let's take a look at the greener side of Concord, California, with a delivery from Mountain Remedy.

Every Exciting Journey Starts with Cannabis Delivery Near Me

As is the case across the Sunshine State, adult-use cannabis is legal in Concord. This includes local weed delivery from the likes of Mountain Remedy. So wherever you live in the city or wherever you are staying, you have access to a wealth of THC-infused products, from edibles to flower to vape pods.

Just keep in mind, Concord has some strict regulations about where you can consume cannabis — especially if you are smoking or vaping it. If you are on city property — think parks, streets, sidewalks, trails, parking lots, and more — you won't be able to legally light up (or puff).

Unless you are lucky enough to own your own detached home or have found a cannabis-friendly accommodation, you'll want to stick with edibles and weed drinks — discrete, delicious, and travel-friendly.

Exploring Concord, California, With a Tasty Edible and Cannabis Beverage

With both scheduled and express options, Mountain Remedy can ensure we’ll meet your green needs. We'll answer your quest for cannabis delivery near me in Concord, California, by filling your pockets and backpacks with edibles and more.

[caption id="attachment_893" align="alignright" width="462"]fresh farmers market produce A pleasant buzz as you wander the seasonal produce at Todos Santos Square[/caption]

  • A Delicious and Colorful Market in Todos Santos Square

Visiting Concord on a Tuesday? Todos Santos Square is a foodie's dream destination, hosting a farmers market between 9 am and 2 pm every Tuesday all year round. Expect 30 merchants with all-local wares, including fruits, veggies, and of course, food and snacks. 

The Todos Santos market is always in season. For example, you'll find strawberries, melons, plums, and cherries in summer. This is why we think pairing a visit to the Todos Santos farmers market with a juicy THC-infused gummy only makes sense.

Care by Design has crafted tins of 1:1 CBD:THC Raspberry Gummies that fit neatly into your purse or pocket. Nibble a few as you wander through the square, to heighten the experience and encourage the munchies. 

Care by Design also offers an 18:1 formula for those who want a mellower option.

  • Live Music at The Red Hat

Any punk fans out there? One of our favorite spaces in Concord is the down-to-earth bar called The Red Hat. This sports bar-by-day and music hub-by-night is where everyone goes to thrash around. That means you can expect punk shows, heavy metal bands, and a friendly crowd to go along with it all.

Check out their ongoing events (COVID permitting), and gather your friends for a round of THC-infused pre-drinks before the show. Hi Hops by AbsoluteXtracts is perfectly dosed for a sessionable experience. 

Hoppy, sparkling, and balanced with a 1:1 ratio, every bottle contains the perfect buzz of 10 mg total cannabinoids. Depending on your tolerance, enjoy one or more, then head down to The Red Hat to get loud.

If punk, ska, and metal aren't your scene, why not check out what's happening at the Concord Pavillion or through the Music and Market Concert Series for more eclectic musical experiences?

  • A Luxury Film Experience at Brenden Theatres

If you are dying for some air-con, escape the heat with a VIP movie at Brenden Theaters. Catch the latest blockbusters on one of their four screens with all luxury reclining seats. With a bit of a buzz, you'll undoubtedly get a lot out of the 360-degree surround sound and 60-foot wall-to-wall screen. 

If you've got a bit of THC experience under your belt, this is the perfect opportunity to chill out with a larger dose. The Chill Blueberry Milk Chocolate Mega Mini is packed with 100 mg of THC and offers top potency for your dollar. However, if you are unfamiliar with the powerful effects of a 100 mg dose, check out their lighter options, which are equally as tasty.

As you get ready to melt into your reclining chair and chill out for a few hours, Brenden Theaters boasts a total of three restaurants and three concession stands. From burgers to drinks to popcorn, you'll find just what your munchies are demanding.

Look No Further for Cannabis Delivery Near Me in Concord, California

Whether you are in Concord for a day or a week, it's a city with more than few adventures to experience. Foodies will find locally produced munchies at the Todos Santos Farmers Market. Metalheads will appreciate the scene at The Red Hat, and movie buffs will enjoy the VIP experience at Brenden Theatres.

But with an edible or two packed in your travel bag, these adventures are just the start. You'll find yourself eating your way through the Taco Trail, splashing down at the water park, and so much more. Concord awaits! What will you discover?