9 Fun Games Every Stoner Should Play

by mountainremedy

They say laughter is the best medicine and we agree! So, we’re bringing you this great list of stoner games. Whether you’re smoking alone or supplying entertainment at a party, we’ve got a game that will hit just the right note.

  1. The Cloud Game

If you’re stoned and alone (or not), you can have a little bit of impromptu fun outdoors by asking yourself, “What shape is that cloud?” This game is great for pushing your own creativity and sense of humor! You’ll be surprised how many hilarious shapes you can find in the afternoon sky.

Pair with Cannabis: Because this game requires a little bit of imagination, we recommend trying out a Sativa to complement the experience.


  1. Solitaire

On rainy and cloudy days, it can be a real hoot to light up, pull out a deck of cards, and play an old fashioned game of solitaire.

Pair with Cannabis: If you’re new to cannabis, this can be a powerful tool to test out the head change at your own pace and explore the enhanced critical thinking, sorting, and synthesizing. A heavy Indica and a few games of solitaire sound like a relaxing afternoon!


  1. Slap Jack

To kick things up a notch, Slap Jack is a high-speed 2-4 person card game that will have you slapping cards and your knees. The rules are simple; your objective is to slap the Jack. First, divide the deck evenly among the players. Each player will turn over a card (one player at a time). The pile of cards gets bigger and bigger until… the jack is laid down. The first hand to slap the Jack wins all the cards. Don’t slap so hard you knock over the bong! Play until one person holds all the cards, or your hand just can’t take any more slapping.

Pair with Cannabis: Unless you’re a ringer, this game can take a while, so we like to pair with edibles! By the time you’re wrapping up your first game, they’re kicking in!


  1. Charades

Great for keeping your social distance, charades can be played with a group in your home or over a video chat. The time-tested game helps to get you out of your headspace, be a little silly, and find new ways to communicate with your teammates.

Pair Cannabis: We like to play charades with extra-sticky flower. One team packs while the other team plays!


  1. Twister

Feeling physical? Then bust out a game of Twister once everybody is feeling a little “twisted”. This game is best with three or more but never fails to deliver lots of laughs. To spice up a classic, you can assign rules to each color. Land on yellow? Now you have to chug a whole glass of milk.

Pair with Cannabis: Spin for Blue? The preroll automatically goes to you!


  1. Cards Against Humanity

If you’re looking for some good chuckles and you’ve got a group of stoners who aren’t afraid to push the envelope, try playing a game of Cards Against Humanity. Definitely check your judgment at the door!

Pair with Cannabis: The original rules will be a barrel of laughs, but you can give this game a cannabis flavor by mixing up how you pick winning cards. Why not try picking the combo that sounds like something Tommy Chong would say? For Cards Against Humanity, we like to pass around the nectar collector and some shatter.


  1. What’s the next line?

This is another game that can be played anywhere at any time with anybody. Put on a movie or song list. One person stops the audio randomly and chooses another person to say the next line from that song or movie. Different rules can apply.

Pair with Cannabis: Take a toke if you’re wrong or earn a toke if you're right. Either way, it’s a win.


  1. Marijuana Mentions

Marijuana Mentions. Yes, it’s just like it sounds. Play your favorite album or movie of the cannabis culture and everybody takes a toke every time “marijuana” is mentioned or referenced. We love to play with Pineapple Express, Grandma’s Boy, and Half-Baked – stoner classics with tons of opportunity to partake!

Pair with Cannabis: Because movies can take a while and we want to save the green, a vape-pen will allow you to toke up during every mention, without burning through your stash!


  1. Marijuana Theater 3k

Last but not least, this game is best in a group setting. Step one, pick a random movie that nobody has seen. Step two, get stoned. Step three, pick a character from the movie as it develops. After 15 or 20 minutes, mute the movie and start ad-libbing for your character. The more effort you put into their lines, the more hilarious this game becomes. This will definitely challenge your creative thinking and storytelling skills. If everyone plays, it can go on for hours.

Pair with Cannabis: This silly, creative game is perfect for a few low-dose edibles. They take a little longer to kick in, but they’ll last through the whole movie.


At the end of the day, all games can be stoner games if there’s cannabis involved!

If you’re playing alone, inviting a few friends over, or having a big party, Mountain Remedy delivers cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and prerolls straight to your door. Now, you just have to pick a game and (as always) use responsibly.

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