5 Weed-Friendly Gifts for Dad

by mountainremedy
Is your dad weed friendly?

Need a gift for Dad this Father's Day? Don't forget - Dad's like weed too! Here are 5 Weed gifts for Dad this weekend.

Parents using cannabis was once a taboo topic. Now the zeitgeist of American society has moved towards understanding why parents would want to use weed as a tool to relax, unwind, and feel great. A recent post on Fatherly states, "57 percent (of parents) said they stopped or decreased their alcohol consumption in exchange for weed according to a survey of nearly 2,000 adults by Harris Poll, conducted on behalf of cannabis manufacturer and retailer Curaleaf." Clearly, cannabis is moving the needle away from alcohol consumption in adults.

Need Father's Day gift ideas for your cannabis-friendly Dad? Here are some of our top picks!

AbsoluteXtracts Lagunitas Drinks

Enjoy an ice-cold drink that gives you a buzz without the alcohol.  AbsoluteXtracts Hi-Fi Hops beverages provide the crisp bubbly taste of hops in a weed-infused sparkling beverage! Available in 10mg THC only "Reverb", and a 10mg 1:1 THC and CBD "Tuner" version.  Get a buzz without the hangover or extra calories!

GranDADDY Purple Strains

It's in the name, these purple strains are perfect for relaxing into the couch or getting into the zone.  Try Jetty's Grandaddy Purple carts to hit the spot with a classic strain with consistent flavor and effects from a vape.  Not into vaping? Check out the list of our Purple Strains here!

Space Coyote Infused Pre Rolls

Make sure Dad savors a moment with an infused joint.  Space Coyote offers a variety of infusions by strain and concentrate type that come in the perfect tin that Dad can keep all to himself.  Made with top-quality hash and flower, these joints will put Dad into the "remember when" zone.

Americanna Vapes

Is your Dad the all-American type who partakes? Look no further! Americanna offers a "no frills" vaping option that is sure to get his head in the clouds.  Treat him to something special and start stacking that CannaCash in your account while you're at it!

Weed-Infused Pain Creams

Has Dad had any pains-in-the-neck recently (or were you one in the past)? Ease him into a state of relaxation and hand him a bottle of cannabis-infused pain cream. With fast-acting results. cannabis topicals are a level up from that old container of Icy Hot lying at the bottom of the drawer.


No matter what you do with Dad this Father's Day, make it special! If these 5 weed gifts for Dad didn't hit the spot but your Dad curious about cannabis check out this post!

For all of us spending the day without that figure in our lives, it is a great time to reflect on all those important figures in our lives that have helped us learn and grow and turn into the awesome people we are today.