5 Ways Yoga Enhances your High

by mountainremedy
Person doing Yoga outside high

Yoga is known to generate a compelling and physical bliss response in the body. At one time, scientists pointed to endorphins, which can create the equally powerful "runner's high" response. Although there haven't been many studies to support the idea, modern experts hypothesize that this "bliss" reaction may have more to do with the endocannabinoid system, a network of neurotransmitter receptors that helps the body maintain balance.

Not all yogis are down for integrating cannabis into their practice. Yoga seeks to strengthen your sense of awareness and purify your body. Naysayers think cannabis can obstruct those teachings. Still, others love it so much, they created a guided yoga class designed just for stoners. These classes encourage you to get comfortable. Instead of an intense power yoga session, you can expect a greater focus on stretching, mindfulness, and meditation. But many classes will not let you smoke during instruction, so be sure to bring your vape pen or light up beforehand. Both THC and CBD impact the endocannabinoid system, so you don't have to get high to feel the difference.

But it is a lot more fun.

Here’s 5 Ways Yoga Enhances your High:

Expanding Your Body Awareness

Yoga practices are focused on heightening sensations. During classes, instructors will ask you to do things like “breathe into your lower back” or “lengthen from the head's crown.” These exercises force you to take account of your body and emotions so you notice when something doesn’t feel right. Self-awareness is an important skill for health and wellness but can also support your euphoric experience. The skills that help you tell if you're a little out of whack are the same ones that allow you to experience the depth and qualities of your high fully.

Intensifying Relaxation

Yoga takes many forms, from intense power classes to slow, methodical stretching. Going deeper into postures and extending stretches is thought to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. This is one of the reasons experts believe that yoga is so relaxing. Combined with the psychological effects of cannabis, they can create harmony in the body.

Calibrating your Mindstate

Before beginning a class, lots of yogis like to take a moment on their mat to let the day melt away. It's not an easy thing to do. It takes practice, discipline, and a willingness to release control. That same mindstate is perfect for enjoying the first few minutes of a great strain as the euphoria washes over you. With heavier strains, you could find yourself sitting in meditation for more extended periods, because it feels so good!

Heightening your Senses

You may have never noticed, but many people who practice yoga are mostly focused on the asana and their internalized experiences. After imbibing, many people notice their sensations becoming exaggerated. Colors look more vibrant, smells are more pungent, music is more gratifying, and touch rings with connection and meaning. Yoga studios offer sensory experiences, like a burning candle or soft music, that bring you peace. Cannabis can magnify the effect.

Finding a Rhythm

It's human nature to find comfort and pleasure in joining a rhythm. The coordinated cresting and receding of dance, music, and yoga allow us to connect with the people around us without words. Seeking out that connection can be a powerful way to experience cannabis- especially if you're more likely to be an introvert when high.

Experienced cannabis consumers already know their THC tolerance and which consumption methods they prefer. But even the most experienced stoners might be surprised by the intensity that can come from combining cannabis and yoga. When it comes to dosing before you hit the mat, think low and slow. Ultimately, you should talk to your doctor about the best and safest way to introduce therapeutics into your yoga practice and remember you can always take more- but once your body metabolizes it, there's no going back. So, know and respect your limits.

To have more control, think about which kinds of yoga practice you want to complement your buzz. Sativa dominant strains call for more energetic sessions. Hybrids support a balanced euphoria, and indicas are best left to working out lingering tensions from a long day.

However you like to partake, yoga can enhance your high! Check out our strains available for delivery- in 90 minutes or less- here.

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