It's Time to Chill Out: 2022s Best High CBD Products

by jessica
hands dripping CBD oil from a bottle, in a hemp field

Everyone loves the calming and not-high inducing effects of cannabidiol (CBD). With all that’s going on in the world, perhaps it’s no surprise that this anxiety-reducing cannabinoid is having a moment. The best high CBD products are just as popular as they’ve ever been.

Here at Mountain Remedy, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of products high in CBD content to suit your needs. If you’re new to CBD or hoping to find a new favorite product, we’ve pulled together the best high CBD products in our inventory. 

What Is CBD?

[caption id="attachment_1000" align="alignright" width="486"]CBD oil, a CBD oil dropper held in a hand CBD is a gentle non-intoxicating cannabinoid.[/caption]

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Along with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it’s one of the most common cannabinoids and one of the most well known. 

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t cause cannabis’ characteristic high. Instead, it affects your body and nervous system in more subtle ways. Rather than intoxicating us by binding to cannabinoid receptors, it indirectly interacts with receptor systems in our brain and nervous system. 

By influencing our serotonin, dopamine, and opioid receptors, CBD could have a huge range of effects we still don’t fully understand. For example, there’s now evidence that CBD could help treat pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and depression. 

Over the last decade, interest in CBD has boomed among researchers, medical cannabis users, and recreational users alike. And as interest grows, more research on CBD’s effects on humans is done every year. In 2021, the NFL announced $1 million of research funding to understand how CBD could help football players deal with pain.

3 Reasons to Choose High CBD Products

There are CBD products to suit everyone these days, from gummies to bath bombs, tinctures to topicals. And with such diverse choices, it’s easy to reap the benefits of CBD in a way that works for you. Here are a few reasons our customers choose high CBD products:

  • CBD and pain relief

Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain, nerve pain, period pain, or simply post-workout muscle pain, CBD could provide some comfort —at least that's what the preliminary research is looking into.

  • CBD and anxiety relief

Let’s face it: we’re living in an anxiety-inducing world these days. CBD tinctures and gummies can help take the edge off and make it easier to face the day. They offer calm, in the midst of a storm.

  • CBD is non-intoxicating

You can benefit from CBD’s beneficial effects without disrupting your day-to-day life. No high, no changes to perception, just relief.

The 4 Best High CBD Products from Mountain Remedy

With all this hype about CBD, it’s no wonder that some of the best high CBD products have emerged in recent years. Some contain only CBD, with no THC or other cannabinoids. Others contain a high ratio of CBD to THC (often 20:1 or greater), minimizing the intoxicating effects and maximizing health benefits. Here are some of our favorites this summer.

Humboldt Apothecary Tincture

We love this fresh, minty tincture from Humboldt Apothecary. Tinctures are a convenient way to keep CBD on hand whenever you need it. A quick drop beneath your tongue offers immediate stress relief in an instant.

Humboldt Apothecary is a woman-owned business founded here in California. They combine full-spectrum cannabis extracts with other medicinal botanicals to create their unique products. This tincture has a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, meaning you’ll feel minimal psychoactive effects but still benefit from the entourage effect of CBD and THC working together.


Level’s PROTABs are a unique tablet form of cannabis, designed to give you a predictable dose and effect each time. Their PROTAB CBD contains 10mg of CBDa combined with other minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBC to provide a unique pain relief and recovery experience.

Take one tablet (or a half) and expect to feel the deeply calming effects within 60-90 minutes. PROTABS can last 3-6 hours and are more potent than some other edibles, so take it easy to begin with.

KIVA Dark Chocolate CBD Chocolate Bar

Edible CBD treats are always crowd-pleasers, and KIVA’s chocolate bars are award-winning. The attention to detail in their sustainably grown artisanal chocolate, combined with locally grown hash, make these some of the finest edibles on the market.

KIVA’s Dark Chocolate CBD bar has a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio, containing 5mg of CBD per serving. It’s not too sweet, with a hint of vanilla, making it the perfect addition to a relaxing night in or the perfect ingredient for your homemade CBD treats!

Wyld 20:1 CBD: THC Strawberry Gummies

Wyld’s gummies are among the most popular in the country, and with good reason. Inspired by the flavors of the wild, they bring together high-quality ingredients to create delicious and reliable edibles.

Their 20:1 CBD THC Strawberry Gummies are made with real strawberry juice, cannabis-derived CBD oil, and other natural flavors. And better still, Wyld is a certified Carbon Neutral company, which means you can feel even better about chillin’ out after a long week with a Wyld gummy!

Enjoy the Best High CBD Products of 2022!

Tempted to try one of our favorites or discover your own? We offer delivery throughout the Bay Area and aim to deliver to you within 90 minutes. Choose one of our recommendations above, or shop our entire high CBD collection for more high-quality CBD products.