10 Cannabis Mothers Day Gifts

by mountainremedy
Cannabis Gifts for Mother's Day

It's that time of year again where we all take a moment to celebrate our moms. Have you thought about cannabis as a Mother's Day gift? As it turns out, mothers tend to love cannabis just as much as everybody else—if not more so! According to at least one recent survey, today's weed lover is more likely to be a woman and a parent.

On this Mothers Day, let's lean into these mother-focused consumer trends. Whether that means giving the gift of a few tokes before bed to unwind from a day of chasing kids or a CBD-infused bath bomb for grandma, let's shower some cannabis love on the mothers in our lives today.

10 Cannabis-Inspired Mothers Day Gift Ideas from Mountain Remedy

Go All Out: KIVA Gourmet Edibles

Moms from all walks of life love edibles. These precisely dosed, delicious treats offer predictable and repeatable experiences. Especially important for those with a house full of children, edibles make it easy to know precisely what is in store.

KIVA offers cannabis-infused confections dosed just the way moms like it. Expect elevated flavors like  Churro Milk Chocolate Bar or Camino Gummies in Sparkling Pear, and with an ever-growing lineup of unique gourmet edibles, KIVA ensures these are not the brownies of your college years.

What's even more exciting? You'll find a dose suited to every mother, from the total boss mom to the mellow mother. Find a full-CBD option in the Dark Chocolate Bar with 100 mg CBD, a 5 mg THC microdose in Terra Bites Blueberry Milk Chocolate, or let your mom go wild with Camino Gummies in 100 mg THC Wild Cherry.


Soothing and Calming Topicals for Moms

For cannabis-friendly mothers and grandmothers who aren't necessarily tokers, topicals are your go-to gift option. Pain salves, pain patches, roll-on oils, and bath bombs can all work with the power of the plant without any chance of intoxication.

So, why not put together a cannabis-infused spa basket for Mothers Day with a full range of topical products? Start with a Humboldt Apothecary Wintergreen CBD Stick. With a cannabinoid ratio of 1:1 CBD:THC and soothing essential oils like wintergreen and eucalyptus, this topical will give mothers of all ages relief with only a single application.

Following along with the spa theme, we'd also suggest the Kush Queen CBD Relieve Bath Bomb. If you are buying a Mothers Day gift for someone who loves a steamy soak, you cannot go wrong with a CBD-infused bath bomb. The therapeutic ingredients contained in each fizzy bath bomb are absorbed through the surface of the skin.

A final option for transdermal cannabis care comes from a line of patches created by Mary's Medicinals. These award-winning transdermal patches make an excellent gift for any cannabis connoisseur as they come in a range of formulations, from THC to CBD to CBN.

Each cannabinoid contains specific medicinal powers crafted to suit the needs of the mother in your life. Even for moms who prefer not to get high, Mary's Medicinal transdermal patches promise relief without the intoxication.


The Sweet Escape: Selfies Minis

As any new mom will tell you, there is little to no time to unwind and simply be alone. Sneaking out for a moment or two during nap time or when a partner takes over the childcare can feel like a lifesaver. As one parent reported to Miss Grass in a recent survey, "A happy mom is a happy baby! Sometimes I need a few hits to feel like myself again. I think it's safer than being stressed out and sad."

With that in mind, let us introduce you to Selfies bite-sized premium prerolls. These miniature spliffs fit into a busy mom's life, whether that's during a 15-minute Paw Patrol episode or an around-the-block dog walk.

A pack (or two!) of Selfies makes an excellent surprise for the frazzled mom who needs a "fun-sized" break built into their day. Every pack contains 12 mini joints, with 0.25 grams of top-tier flower each. For the extra special touch, check out the crumble- and concentrate-infused editions.


A World of Gift Options for the Many Mothers in Your Life

Gifts with a dash of CBD or THC offer more rest, relaxation, and relief than a boring old vanilla-scented candle or box of chocolates. So why not make Mothers Day extra special this year with the gift of cannabis? From edibles to topicals to CBD infusions, there are unlimited options for weed-loving women.