Your Cannabis Delivery Feedback - Answered!

by mountainremedy
Customer Feedback helps us build a better cannabis delivery service

Thank you to everyone who took our internal survey! We're thrilled with all the great cannabis delivery feedback that we received. We are eager to answer your questions about our service and respond. We have changed some of our processes, and we plan to improve other areas based on your feedback.

Cannabis Products you want Delivered:

More Jeeter products!

This is a request we have seen over and over. We try to order as many Jeeter products as they have available! We will continue to push for more products from Jeeter.

Sell 20 mg edibles!

California state regulations limit the maximum dosage to 10 mg per dose for edibles. There are edibles that come in higher doses in a single piece with a perforation, so you can easily determine the correct dosage. Another alternative are products like capsules and Level Protabs. These are considered concentrates and are allowed to have higher concentrations of THC per dose!

More brands of vape cartridges!

On our scheduled menu, we have dozens of vape cartridge brands available! If you place an express order the options are more limited, so we try to keep the most popular items available. If you like variety, use the scheduled menu! We have nearly 700 menu items available for delivery when you schedule ahead. Plus, whenever they are available we will throw in cool freebies, stickers, and coupons, into our scheduled delivery orders.

More items available for express delivery!

Shoot, we would love to add more items to our express menu. However, regulations and finite space restrictions keep the number of units we are allowed to carry for that type of delivery lower. Not to worry though - You can still choose from around 700 menu items from our schedule menu!

Add Level Protabs to express delivery!

Your wish is our command! There may be short periods of time when Protab's are off the menu while we wait to get restocked. We aim to have Indica and Sativa Protabs on our express menu regularly.

Feedback about Receiving Your Cannabis Delivery:

Delivery tracking!

Delivery honesty has always been important to us. We began offering delivery tracking from the start in 2017, and still offer it today. Recently the delivery logistics platforms most companies use lost their ability to text message customers with a tracking link. Mountain Remedy has a new solution that will allow you to receive driver delivery confirmation regardless of Federal regulations regarding cannabis text messaging!

Faster Delivery!

It is our goal to get to you on time, every delivery! We've received a lot of cannabis delivery feedback in the last 5 years, and we know how important your time is to you. We average a 96% on time delivery rate. Sometimes due to labor, technology challenges, and other circumstances we may have extended ETA's.

Make the ETA email more accurate!

After hearing about this, we did some investigating. It appears that customers that were placing scheduled orders received incorrect ETAs. We have fixed this! Please connect with our team if you receive another incorrect ETA when you schedule an order, and we will address the issue.

Don't ask for ID every time!

When you walk across your apartment complex and realize you forgot your ID, it's especially irritating. Checking ID for every delivery is something we are required to do by law. The Department of Cannabis Control conducts sting operations to catch companies that aren’t checking ID’s. Employees who fail to check the ID could face significant fines from the DCC. The company must also suspend operations and pay a fine. If you forgot or lost your ID, let us know ahead of time, and we'll let you know alternative ways to provide it!

Stay open later!

WE WOULD LOVE TO! Until 2018, we were open until midnight. Regulations require us to close at 10 pm. Some counties require us to close at 9 pm. If our hours don’t fit your schedule, we suggest that you schedule your orders ahead of time. We can drop it off with a roommate, significant other, friend, or family member as long as they are over 21 with valid identification!

Autopopulate my address when I log in to the website!

While this does offer a level of convenience in some instances, it can also cause more of a headache than a shortcut! I’m sure you all know somebody who has ordered a delivery to an old address. This used to happen often when we were automatically populating your address in the locator.

Cannabis Delivery by Drone!

Haven’t you all seen Terminator? We’ll stick with employee deliveries, thank you! All jokes aside, it's written into regulations that deliveries must be performed by an employee, not an unmanned vehicle.

Feedback about Paying for Cannabis Deliveries:

Incorporate viewing taxes before checkout!

We know how important it is to see your total before checking out. Prices are lower than when tax was incorporated. We are working with our dev team to add a feature in the future that would display both PRE and post tax pricing.

Ability to split payments!

You’re in luck! You can always split payment when ordering with us! Just select credit card when checking out and leave a message in the notes. Your driver will handle the rest!

Take Apple Pay!

Nothing worse than walking from your apartment, across the court yard, through the parking lot, you get to your driver and forgot your wallet! Apple Pay would surely be handy in those situations.

 We’re getting so close to the safe banking act in America! As a result, credit card processors will start working with cannabis companies, and Apple Pay will become supported.

There wasn’t a way to pay a tip!

You can always tip the drivers. Sadly, without the Safe Banking Act we must use extremely expensive merchant processors. These processors do not have the same easy-to-use technology that most modern card processors have built in. As a result, the tip page comes on a different page than the signature page. This forces our drivers to have to ask for a tip. We have an SOP to make sure we ask nicely, but some drivers find it uncomfortable to ask. If you bring it up to the driver before they swipe the card, that will be the easiest way to give them a tip. Drivers will accept cash and credit card tips but are not able to accept CashApp or Venmo payments.

I want to pay with my credit card online, not in person!

We’re getting close to passing the safe banking act in America. Once that is passed, normal credit card merchants will begin working with cannabis companies, and we will be able to take online payments. In the meantime, you can connect your bank account to pay on our website via a safe, secure, and encrypted connection.

I would like to text my driver when they are on their way!

In the past, you would always be able to text message our driver by replying to the ETA text message that you receive. A2P 10DLC has created barriers in the way we communicate with customers. We're navigating a way around this. Soon you will be receiving a separate text message from the driver that you can reply to. If the driver does not reply quickly, they are more than likely driving and can text you back after they have stopped driving. 

I would love to talk to an associate on the phone!

You can call (925)420-4215 to speak with one of our Menu Experts 7 days a week during our operating hours!

Cannabis Delivery Promotions, Deals, and Discounts Feedback:

More freebies, promotional items, etc (who doesn’t like swag?)!

We have begun handing out more and more freebies in our scheduled orders! In the future we plan to offer all sorts of great freebies and swag from your favorite brands!

Mix and match ounce prices with discounts for bulk purchases!

You’re in luck! This is something that we have always had available. When you add 4 cannabis eighths to your bag a $10 discount will automatically apply! When you add 8 cannabis eighths to your bag a $20 discount will apply!

Better Promotions!

Promos are always available; we just don’t want to bombard you with daily messaging! Check in with one of our menu experts or check our deal page to see what we are offering for that day.

Veteran Discounts!

For any people reading this who have served or are currently serving in the military, we have a 5% military discount! Pop into our chat and send our Menu Experts a copy of your military ID, and you’ll receive 5% off all of your orders. Thank you for your service!

Offer discounts to both the person referred and the person referring!

If a friend orders through your promo code and save $20 on their first order, you automatically get $20 added to you CannaCash total. To find your promo code, simply log in to your online account, and go to the referral tab. If you have already placed an order with us, you can simply copy the promo code and share it with all your friends.

Mid-week promotions!

Always make sure to check the deals page of the website! Mountain Remedy has deals for every type of cannabis consumer all week long!

  • Mondays: 10% off vapes.
  • Tuesday: 10% off flower eighths.
  • Wednesday: 10% off dabbable concentrates.
  • Thursday: 10% off edibles.

Schedule your cannabis delivery ahead of time, so you can have more to choose from.

Discern between Indoor and Outdoor flower!

This was pretty common in the time of Prop 215, however the industry has gone away from differentiating as it can often mislead customers. With modern cultivating practices oftentimes outdoor flower is far more potent and presentable than some indoor flowers. Most flower companies no longer differentiate to us, so we have no way of knowing what is indoor and what is outdoor grown. If you hop on chat, one of our Menu Experts will be happy to offer you advice on the most potent and presentable flower!

Make discounts apply after tax instead of before tax!

This is a request we get often. This is one of those strange mathematical equations that doesn't make sense in your head until you see it on paper. The receipt price is exactly the same whether a percent is taken off from the gross receipt price or taken off of the subtotal.  For instance: a $100 order will be $135 after tax. If you were to take 20% off $100, you would be left with $80. An $80 order would be $108. $20% of $135 is $27. Subtract $27 from $135 and you get $108.

Other Cannabis Delivery Feedback for Mountain Remedy:

More in person events!

Now that COVID-19 is winding down a bit, this is something we will consider soon! We'd love to connect with familiar and new people in the Mountain Remedy community. The key to us hosting more events is participation! The more people come, the more often we’ll be able to host.

Origin story link on your website!

Thank you for this suggestion. Jessie and I have a wild origin story. I’m writing our story, and we’ll be adding it to our site soon. Many of our original customers remember the days when it was either Rob or Jessie delivering their stash!

I’d love to see an App!

Stay tuned - We’ll have an app soon. In the meantime, is mobile-optimized. Feel free to chat online or call us, our team is happy to help you place your order!

It would be great to be able to rate strains on your site and read other’s reviews!

This is something we have built, but discontinued. Cannabis delivery feedback is important, but strains are not like ordering backpack you purchase on Amazon. The same strain can have an entirely different effect on two people. One person’s review may prevent another person from buying a strain that could really suit their needs. If you are looking for recommendations, connect with our Menu Expert team. Provide them with little information about what you're looking for, and they’ll help you find the best strain for you. Check out our Guide to Terpenes here for a more in-depth look at how these aromatics effect your cannabis experience.

Make sure products aren’t past their expiration date!

It is important to decipher whether the date on the package is the package date or expiration date. Most brands show the date the product was packaged. The state track and trace system, METRC, alerts us to which products are nearing expiration and past expiration. Those products are pulled from our menu and sadly destroyed as required by California Regulations.

Thank you for the Cannabis Delivery Feedback!

We're so thankful for your cannabis delivery feedback that will help improve the experience for the Mountain Remedy community. Thanks to all this feedback! We are still a local family-owned business and appreciate each and every one of our customers.

I hope you found this informational and if you have any questions, always feel free to connect with us.



Rob S.

Co-Founder | CEO

Mountain Remedy / Greenrush