Why Is Cannabis Delivery Popular?

by mountainremedy
Why is Cannabis Delivery Popular

Why Is Cannabis Delivery Popular?

Weed and delivery have been synonymous for decades. Why is cannabis delivery popular? That's an easy question to answer, it is because cannabis has been illegal since 1970! What do you do if you can't go to a weed store? You call up a friend, and they swing by with your bud! In addition to the legal status, going to a dispensary is something many people aren't comfortable with. Finding an online cannabis delivery company you can trust is key. When you discover a place like Mountain Remedy, you will have a plethora of cannabis choices! All without the possibility of someone spotting you waiting in line at a dispensary.

Historical Necessity Created Cannabis Delivery

Prior to Medical and Prop 215, procuring your stash was a discreet affair. Many people had to call their "plug" and wait to get their weed on their dealers' time. This meant people would be waiting for hours or days! Most cannabis consumers were not comfortable entering a storefront dispensary to get their weed. It could be an intimidating experience with security guards, storefronts you couldn't see into, and the general mystery around "is this legal?". Many people are not comfortable going in or out of a dispensary. The experience isn't discreet.

The Reason Why Cannabis Delivery Is Popular

Who thought we would be living in a world where ordering weed is as easy as getting a pizza? Aside from the one minor hurdle of providing ID, you can get weed to your door with minimal human contact! After all, this is a 21+ regulated substance. Who wants to drive all the way to the store to get checked by security, wait in a line, and drive home in traffic. This is why cannabis delivery is popular. Ordering is as simple as going online, adding items to your bag, and waiting for that sweet ETA text. Once you've created an online account with Mountain Remedy the sign-up process is over, you can log in and start ordering any time!

Dry flower isn't the only cannabis product you can have delivered. There are a lot of options for edibles, topicals, concentrates, and vapes as well! Although most cannabis consumers purchase flower, many purchases at least 1 item from the edible or vape category as well.

Cannabis Delivery From a License Dispensary Is The Safest Option

Licensed cannabis retailers follow strict state safety protocols to ensure all products meet strict standards. In addition to product reliability, on duty delivery employees of state licensed retailers are tracked with cameras ensuring no product tampering can occur. The state of California holds cannabis products to the highest standard of safety and testing before hitting dispensary shelves. You can be certain your weed doesn't contain any harmful pesticides or microbial.

2019 exposed the public to "Vape Gate" and the dangers of purchasing illicit market cannabis products. The addition of vitamin E Acetate into unregulated vapes caused injury to many people purchasing products from these unlicensed and untested dealers. The next time someone adds you on socials and advertises "fire deals on vapes", remember that those products could potentially cause you great harm. Not to mention if those products are legitimate, they are likely stolen from a local business.

Want To Get Weed Delivered?

There are many different choices for cannabis delivery available if you live in California. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area Mountain Remedy is a top choice amongst cannabis consumers and has been since 2017. The ease of ordering, friendly customer service, and fast delivery are the reasons why people choose Mountain Remedy. As a family-owned and operated business, and commit to the legacy of cannabis delivery!

Why Cannabis Delivery Is Popular Where Dispensaries Exist

You may be wondering why anyone would order delivery if there is a dispensary nearby. Studies show the adoption of grocery delivery increased 113% since 2020 when COVID-19 hit.  Buying weed has followed close behind. Many consumers like to go to a dispensary storefront to discover new products. After their initial purchases, customers like to buy from delivery services like Mountain Remedy for convenience. Above all with current gas prices, most people prefer a free delivery over driving to a store. Getting a delivery cuts out gas costs, traffic, and waiting in line. Most people enjoy the convenience of ordering online and spending their time doing what they love at home until their delivery arrives. Take your free time back!