420 Travel Guide: Explore the City with Sacramento Cannabis Delivery

by jessica
Sacramento Bridge, through a forest

Nestled in Northern California is the state capital, Sacramento (AKA Sac), a city that has grown exponentially over the years. That includes every facet of the region, including population, real estate development, and, yes, even Sacramento cannabis delivery.

While Sac is fun on its own thanks to its vibrant nightlife, rich history, and bustling arts scene, you can turn up the dial by exploring the city while enjoying cannabis. Here’s how, and our favorite places to do it.

Sacramento Cannabis Delivery and Rules

Before we share our favorite spots in Sac to explore while high on cannabis, make sure you’re doing it safely. Whether you live there or are just visiting, you’re welcome to smoke up while inside the home in most cases. You can also order Sacramento cannabis delivery.

While you can’t legally smoke in a cannabis lounge in Sac just yet, there are vacation rentals you can check into that are 420 friendly. 

Finally, it’s not legal to smoke cannabis in public spaces, so stick to these options to maximize both safety and fun.

Four Things To Do in Sacramento While Buzzed

Sacramento is a big city with lots going on, but there are some destinations that pair naturally with local cannabis products. These are places sure to inspire a sense of wonder, bring out your inner child, and stimulate your creativity.

Sacramento’s Original Street Level

First is Sacramento’s original street level, located in Old Sac. This area of the city was built back in the 1800s when pioneers were developing the town. However, given that it kept flooding over the years, most of it was abandoned for higher ground.

Now this section of Sac functions like a mysterious basement, with a cute historic town built 10 feet above it. Be sure to bring a hoodie if you decide to explore it on a tour!

Before you venture out to search for yesterday’s ghosts in a friendly, bustling environment, smoke some of Alien Labs Outdoor Area 41 Flower. This hybrid strain will relax you while stimulating your intellect – perfect for a daytime adventure.

Johnny Cash Mural

One of the most iconic pieces of art in all of Sacramento is the 15-story mural of the legendary singer-songwriter Johnny Cash. Painted by famed artist Shepard Fairey, the mural is visible from L Street and beyond in Downtown Sac.

Cash was known for being an advocate for prisoners in California, and played many famous concerts within their prison walls. That’s why the mural faces the infamous Folsom Prison, too.

To prepare for your pilgrimage to the homage honoring the man in black, indulge in Connected’s Gushers Flower. This hybrid strain comes on heavy, perfect for admiring awesome art. Then, as it tapers into the body, you can grab a bite to eat nearby.

The Sacramento Zoo

[caption id="attachment_1003" align="alignright" width="564"]Cheetahs at the Sacramento Zoo The zoo just got way more interesting, thanks to Mountain Remedy's Sacramento cannabis delivery.[/caption]

There’s already a happy hour at the Sacramento Zoo (yes, really), but why not explore it with the help of cannabis instead? You can enjoy visiting all kinds of animals, from big cats to reptiles to lemurs and more! This zoo is especially known for its giraffe encounter.

In addition to hanging out with animals, you can also bring out your inner child on some cute (and cheap) rides, such as a train that passes Big Cat Row, an experience that replicates the winds of the Serengeti, and a hike up the Kilimanjaro Climb. 

To prepare for your fun day with wildlife and entertainment, have a big puff from Alien Labs Baklava x Gelato 41 Vape. This hybrid live resin will ensure you’re steeped in euphoria and buzzing for hours on end.

Vic’s Ice Cream Parlor

It’s no secret that partaking in cannabis can give you the munchies. To that end, one iconic Sacramento destination is Vic’s Ice Cream Parlor in Land Park. What makes this place special is that it’s been around since 1947 and hasn’t changed much.

Inside of Vic’s you’ll find milkshake equipment and a classic checkerboard floor, which will whisk you into the prewar past. You can then enjoy a host of frozen treats ranging from malts to sundaes to phosphates, the latter being something of a relic – and a delicious one.

Before you indulge your sweet tooth at this hidden gem, take a pull or two of Connected's The Chemist x Lemonatti Vape. This bright sativa live resin hits nicely in the cerebrum, then buzzes through your body – a perfect accompaniment to a frothy milkshake.

Something for Everyone Thanks to Sacramento Cannabis Delivery

There are many other activities in Sac sure to stimulate your senses, as well as ample options for Sacramento cannabis delivery. So be sure to hit all of the destinations that will make your 420 trip to California’s capital city a blast. It’s such a fun place!