420 Travel Guide to the East Bay: Smoke, Explore, and Eat

by jessica

Where are the best places to smoke near me in the East Bay? This area is a vibrant area, and a perfect place for smokers, tokers, and vapers to entertain themselves for a few beautiful hours. 

So if you’re ready to experience this historic, culturally diverse, and artisan-infused locale, here are some of our favorite places to explore, eat, and, of course, smoke weed.

The Skinny on Cannabis Rules in the East Bay

Before you grab your vape and begin frollicking through the streets in Oakland and beyond, make sure you know what’s legal when it comes to cannabis consumption in the area. For one, only consume it in your home or private space—you could get in trouble if you smoke when out in public.

Also, never drive under the influence. Instead, utilize public transportation like BART or any of the ridesharing apps, as well as your own two feet.

5 Epic Things To Do in the East Bay While High

In addition to a plethora of delicious restaurants, there are some stunning indoor and outdoor spaces great for exploring while stoned in the East Bay. So after you’ve found the perfect place to smoke, put on your shoes and get trekking!

1. Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland

With sweeping views of San Francisco Bay and stunning gardens, this gorgeous cemetery is perfect for taking in stunning sites. That’s why you often see people doing photo shoots here or having picnics. They even hold festivals on the grounds at various times of the year.

Goth types are especially known to haunt these grounds, thanks to the incredible variety of headstones and mausoleums. Its a goth's TikTok dream.

Upon heading out, pop a Camino Pineapple Habanero Gummy. This will give you the perfect daytime boost to start your adventure.

2. Homeroom

After spending the morning wandering around the cemetery, grab some lunch at Homeroom just a mile away. This school-themed restaurant serves up decadent macaroni and cheese dishes that will have your senses singing. Truffle mac, anyone? Or maybe you prefer Elote Mac?

Homeroom also offers a delicious selection of desserts, like peanut butter pie and a literal giant Oreo cookie. If you want beverages, they have those in both boozy and non-alcoholic options.

Before noshing, smoke some OG Kush Mints flower from American Weed, which is sure to stimulate your appetite.

3. Children’s Fairyland

[caption id="attachment_1040" align="alignright" width="453"]mother and children on boot, Children's Fairyland in Oakland Get the giggles exploring the fantastical Children's Fairyland experience.[/caption]

Once you’ve had your fill of food, hop in a Lyft and head to Lake Merritt a few miles south of Homeroom. There you’ll find the adorable theme park Children’s Fairyland, which is designed for kids but enjoyable for people of all ages. Especially if you have a bit of a buzz.

Here you can hang out with ducks and chickens, visit with miniature horses, admire more gardens, and watch families have a blast on the kiddie rides. The story sets will also come to life and bring out the kid in you – especially while high.

Indulge your childlike sensibilities with the Cookie Delight Chocolate Bar from Punch Edibles and enjoy the ride.

4. Oakland Museum of California

For intellectual stimulation, walk around Lake Merritt for a mile until you come to the Oakland Museum of California. Whether you’re into California art, the history of the Golden State, or just want to peruse some cool science stuff like mastodon bones, this museum has you covered.

You can spend time among the permanent exhibits, though be sure to check out the revolving shows, which can include everything from feminist creations to the art of Burning Man.

Activate your cerebrum by smoking Paradise Punch Live Budder from Bloom, which will awaken your curiosity and highlight all the cool factoids. 

5. Telegraph Beer Garden

When dinner time comes around, either grab another Lyft or walk the two miles to the Telegraph Beer Garden, aka Beeryland. Like Homeroom, this restaurant is ripe for indulgence, with a burger and sandwich menu that omnivores and vegans alike can savor.

The popular eatery also has a revolving beer and cocktail menu if you choose to imbibe.

Trigger the munchies for your final stop, opt for the iconic The Pineapple Express strain Jetty Extracts vape – it’s a classic for a reason.

Places to Smoke Near Me in the East Bay

Stoned? If this blog has highlighted anything there is no shortage of fun things to do in the East Bay. So leave your car keys at home, work up an appetite strolling in outdoor spaces, and let the kid in you come alive in this one-of-a-kind metropolitan area.