Stick to Your New Year's Resolution 2022 with Cannabis Delivery

by jessica
New Years resolutions with weed blog header

Hands up! Who’s made a New Year’s Resolution they didn’t keep? We all like to start the new year with big plans to make positive changes, but sticking to resolutions can be tricky — especially two years into a pandemic. So this year, help yourself out. Start with "cannabis delivery near me" and use it to help stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

It may sound too good to be true, but weed could help you achieve some of the most popular resolutions: drinking less, getting fit, and moving more.

Your Resolution: Connect to Your Body

Stick to your new years resolution with a little yoga and cannabis delivered

Taking up yoga is a common New Year’s resolution. And with good reason: A practice that relaxes your body and mind and connects you more deeply to yourself is very appealing. 

But what about blending your practice with cannabis? There are some obvious connections between yoga and weed. Both are used for relaxation, spirituality, and pain relief. In fact, we’ve written a whole article on how yoga can enhance your high.

Cannabis and Yoga

Some yogis argue that cannabis can enhance the physical and spiritual experience of yoga. By relieving chronic pain and anxiety, cannabis could help you engage more fully with the practice of yoga.

But others point out that cannabis, when used to numb, can distance you from the experience of yoga. Yoga should help you become more aware of and in tune with your body. So if cannabis is taking away from that experience, maybe it’s not for you.

Our advice? Find an experienced practitioner who offers ganja yoga classes near you, start to add on a search for cannabis delivered near me

Your Resolution: Lose Some Weight

Despite the age-old stereotypes of stoners munching on chips and cookies, research shows that regular cannabis users have lower BMIs than non-users, on average. But, of course, this connection doesn’t mean cannabis use is the cause of weight loss. Far more research is needed to understand that. 

Cannabis interacts with our endocannabinoid system in many complex ways. And its effects aren’t yet well researched or understood. There is some positive evidence, though. Studies on animals suggest that CBD helps reduce appetite. And a 2016 study found that cannabis can help convert white (“bad”) fat into brown (“good”)  fat, which burns calories.

How Could Cannabis Enhance Weight Loss?

There are a few other ways cannabis could help, depending on why you want to lose weight.

For example, if you replace alcohol for cannabis, you’ll consume far fewer calories, likely leading to weight loss. And if you struggle with chronic pain, cannabis could improve your mobility so that you can exercise more. If anxiety leads to unhealthy habits, some people use weed to reduce stress and enable more healthy behavior.

Cannabis isn’t a quick fix for weight loss. Without a good diet and exercise plan, you’re unlikely to see any benefit. But it could provide the boost you need to stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Your Resolution: Ditch the Booze

Making it through Dry January, or cutting out alcohol completely, can be a big ask. Especially in a society where not being sober is part of our culture, at least on the weekends. 

You might be tempted to ease the blow by replacing booze with cannabis. And there is some evidence to suggest it could help, especially if you stick to high-CBD products.

Studies on CBD for Addiction

A 2018 study found that CBD could help treat addiction to other substances like alcohol and cocaine. It may do so by reducing impulsiveness, which is a feature of alcohol addiction. There’s also some evidence to suggest that CBD could reduce the liver and brain damage caused by heavy alcohol use.

CBD is widely considered safe and not addictive and has few harmful side effects. So it could be a great choice if you’re hoping to cut back on booze in 2022. 

Risks of Replacing Alcohol with Cannabis

Don't look for cannabis delivered near me before you grasp the complete picture. There could be risks associated with replacing alcohol with cannabis, especially if you struggle with dependence. Some studies have shown that people with alcohol use disorder drink more when they consume cannabis.

The answer may depend on your relationship with alcohol and cannabis. If you are a casual user, replacing alcohol with high-CBD cannabis could help reduce cravings and provide a healthier way to switch off.  

But if you struggle with dependence, swapping one intoxicating substance for another could be an unhealthy choice. Instead, you could explore using pure CBD oil to reduce cravings rather than consuming psychoactive cannabis.

Get Cannabis Delivered Near Me and Achieve Your Goals

We can’t promise you that cannabis will solve all your problems in 2022. If only! But if you’re looking for ways to support yourself on your journey to better health, cannabis could have a place along the way. 

Some evidence suggests that cannabis can help us lose weight, connect with our bodies, and stay sober. If used thoughtfully, it could provide a helping hand while you crush your goals this New Year.