Mountain Remedy’s Strongest Strains of 2022  

by jessica
THC molecular structure over a photo of cannabis flower

Weed lovers everywhere are still looking for the ultimate high with the most potent strains available. Yes there is more attention going to flavor and aroma these days — but the top selling strains are still the highest in THC.  Maybe you've search for these super potent strains yourself after Googling “cannabis delivery near me.”

Mountain Remedy has you covered. We now offer an option to search based on potency. 

So, ready to learn what our strongest product selection is for 2022? Here are the best and most potent cannabis products we have in store.

8 Strongest Strains, Edibles, and More from Mountain Remedy

[caption id="attachment_1013" align="alignright" width="479"]black woman rolls a cannabis joint Get the strongest hit possible when you roll your next joint with these THC-rich options.[/caption]

Depending on your delivery area, your choice of potency and cannabis products will vary slightly on Mountain Remedy’s page. 

Here are the eight most potent cannabis strains you can order in the California Bay Area. 

1. Care by Design - Peppermint Sublingual Drops 

Potency: 1,000 mg THC; 1,000 mg CBD 

This high-potency Care by Design tincture features the highest concentration of cannabinoids per drop at a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD at 1,000 mg. The peppermint flavor is cool and refreshing, pairing well with chocolate. For the best results, this was paired with an MCT oil (like coconut oil) for improved absorption and flavor. 

The tincture is made from Californian sun-grown cannabis that’s triple tested for purity.  

2. Level - PROTAB - Indica

Potency: 1,000 mg THC (Indica) 

Edibles and tablets can be difficult to assess for potency, but the Level PROTAB Indica tablets rock in at 1,000 mg per package and 100 mg per tab. Experts only need apply to this option. Each tablet kicks in within 30 to 90 minutes for three to six hours of blissful relaxation and deep sleep. 

3. Ultra Vape Cartridge - Bursters

Potency: 95.8% THC (Hybrid) 

The Heavy Hitters Ultra Vape Cartridge in Bursters is a dominant indica strain, delivering a sweet, fruity flavor paired with a 510-Vape battery. With 100 percent pure cannabis terpenes, this strain is great end-of-day stress relief. 

4. Highland - Cured Resin - Sherbet X Gushers

Potency: 90.11% THC (Hybrid) 

For your dabbing pleasure, try this cured resin for a subtle but lasting high to ease your mind. 

Highland Oil Company’s Sherbet X Gushers are created from two powerhouse strains that are slightly more indica dominant. Dab with this resin and enjoy a sweet, creamy aroma before the fuel-like punch hits.  

5. Heavy Hitters - Diamond Infused Preroll - Biscotti Kush Mints

Potency: 66.70% THC (Indica) 

Convenient, powerful, and ultra-relaxing, the Heavy Hitters’ Biscotti Kush Mints strains are combined for an indica-dominant experience that will deliver mental calm with a hint of mint and cookie dough flavoring. 

6. Care By Design - 1:1 Capsules 

Potency: 300 mg THC; 480 mg CBD

Enjoy the full benefit of CBD and THC in these Care By Design capsules for a healthy high that can be taken daily. Each bottle contains 30 capsules for monthly therapeutic use.  

Care By Design delivers medical-grade cannabis to patients across California. 

7. 454. - Alien OG - 3.5 Grams

Potency: 36% THC (Indica) 

Enjoy a cross of indica-dominant cannabis with Alien Kush and Tahoe OG by 454. or “On the Dot.” This cannabis strain is rich and full-bodied, with nugs yielding lemon and pine notes for an intense high. 

8. Korova - Divorce Cake - 3.5 Grams

Potency: 35.98% THC (Hybrid) 

Korova’s Divorce Cake strain delivers a fruity aftertaste with its dense composition of ocimene, caryophyllene, and linalool terpenes. You start with a mental buzz, and relaxation soon spreads through your extremities for an ultimate chilled feeling.  

Finding the Strongest Strains on Mountain Remedy 

It’s now easy to find the most potent THC strains on Mountain Remedy’s menu. Simply follow these easy-peasy steps:  

  • Enter your address (like you usually do in the “Please set your location” on the homepage). 
  • Choose how you’d like your products to be delivered: Schedule or Express. Keep in mind, product options are available on the “Schedule” options. 
  • Click on “Sorted by Brand” to open more search parameters. 
  • Choose “Potency” under “Sort By” and other applicable filters. 
  • Close the window or click “Apply.” 

The products are now sorted according to highest potency in the various categories: Flowers, Vapes, Edibles, PreRolls, Capsules, Concentrates, Tinctures, and Topicals.  

Kindly note that we update the batches of THC potency every week. We go by the lowest testing batch when listing the product’s potency, so no one is disappointed by receiving a more potent product than what’s listed. 

Mountain Remedy is a cannabis delivery service, so the batches vary because we have multiple inventory locations. However, we try to keep the listed potency as accurate as possible.   

Whats Your Favorite Super Powerful Strain?

Are you one of the many cannabis lovers out there chasing the newest, most potent strain when you search "cannabis delivery near me"? We see you! We are always on the look out for new brands, new farms, and new strains to carry — including those hitting 30+ percent THC. 

Every new season brings new exciting strains, and new favorites. Check back regularly for updated stock lists, and new options available in your deliver area.