Is Concord California's Happiest City Thanks to Weed?

by mountainremedy
Is Concord the Happiest Place Thanks to Weed?

Is Concord California's happiest city thanks to weed? We think we know what to thank for contributing to how much people in Concord are smiling. It's cannabis! Granted, there is a lot to do in Concord that will make you happy. We published a guide to Music, Munchies, Movies and Cannabis in Concord. But what makes it the happiest? Could it be that more than 10% of Concord's population has gotten weed delivered from Mountain Remedy? It's possible!

How Concord Was Ranked The Happiest Place:

Concord has been ranked the happiest place in the US in a new study based on facial recognition done by Happy Fresh. They utilized Microsoft's Facial Recognition API, Azure, to analyze Instagram selfies by region. What they found is that America’s happiest city is Concord, California. Concord residents have a happiness score of 79.1 out of 100 points. Nearly three-quarters of residents are grinning in their photos. This makes Concord the place with the most genuine smiles in America! One interesting thing about this survey is that it recognizes between a happy smile and a forced smile.

Why is Concord the Happiest Place in America?

We have our assumptions as to why this Bay Area city is so happy. Ranging from the ideal climate, multiple theme parks, and diverse active community. However, we think we know the real reasons. Mountain Remedy has delivered weed to more than 10% of Concord residents! Cannabis is a surefire way to generate positive feelings and a genuine smile. There is also a lot to do in Concord! The new Veranda shopping center on Diamond Boulevard in Concord offers a variety of activities for everyone. Our team loves to smoke a joint and spend an hour figuring out a new adventure at Red Door Escape Room. After the edible kicks in, winning endless squish mallows on the Claw at Dave and Busters. Topping it all off with satisfying a munchie craving at Crumbl Cookies.

What About Weed Makes Concord Happy?

We took a look at the best-selling weed products in Concord, CA in 2022 to see what to see what rose to the top. Dry Cannabis Flower and Vapes are the top most purchased cannabis categories in Concord. We know toking a little herb or puffing on a vape sure takes the stress out of a situation. It makes us happier more smiley people!

Here is the ranking of cannabis products by category purchased in Concord:

  • 31.5% - Dry Flower
  • 30.9% - Vape Cartridges
  • 19.2% - Edibles
  • 12.4% - Prerolls
  • 6.1% - Accessories, Topical, and Tinctures.

The top 3 flower brands sold in Concord are:

Customers in Concord like their cannabis to be simple, potent, and in bulk! Score and Island were sold mostly in 7 gram or 14 gram packages.

The top 3 vape brands sold in Concord are:

Cannabis vape consumers in Concord like options with their vape brands, are conscious of price, and gravitate towards locally-made concentrates! Jetty and Buddies brand vapes have options between high potency distillates, and live resin blends.

Another Way Concord Uses Weed to Stay Happy

The method in which people consume THC is another way to determine if Concord is the happiest place thanks to weed. The analytics show us that people purchasing dry flower also purchase a vape, and an edible. Is the entourage effect keeping Concord smiling? We think so! Every experienced cannabis consumer knows the key to a great high is to layer how you consume THC. Eat a low-dose edible, wait the recommended period, take a puff from a joint or pipe to enhance the good feelings and relief. After your kite is flying high, maintain that high with a potent vape cartridge to keep you at the peak of those happy feelings. If you are an experience cannabis consumer this is a great method to try if you haven't already.

So, is Concord the happiest place in California thanks to weed?

We can't say for sure, but by the numbers cannabis is certainly helping many Concord residents keep smiling! Many people use cannabis for different reasons, but we have all agreed that the sweet relief can turn a stressful situation around. This city knows how to turn a frown upside-down!

Concord is a California gem in the East Bay. Its diverse community, the amount of activities there are, and the accessibility to San Francisco and Sacramento are all great reasons to love Concord. It was one of the first areas Mountain Remedy served when we started in 2017. In fact the first delivery we made as a company was in Concord! We love the city for its great shopping, bars, and most of all community.

Concord residents - keep smiling!

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