How to Celebrate 420 in 2021

by mountainremedy
How to celebrate 420 in 2021 with delivery

How to Celebrate 420 in 2021

420 plans were ruined last year; let’s just be real and not sugarcoat it, alright? COVID-19 really began affecting the United States at the beginning of March, so just one month later was 420. Of course, pretty much all social gatherings were immediately put on pause. The experts even recommend you avoid people outside of your household entirely, so we said sadly goodbye to any 420 gatherings we had planned.


This year, we are still a little cautious, but many of us are starting to feel comfortable reintroducing gatherings in small doses. That, combined with many state’s lifting mandates, means: 420 gatherings are (safely) back in session. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to spend 420 this year. It’s hard to believe another 420 is almost here, but after the year we all had - please enjoy 420 and tell your loved ones how much you love them. Even if you celebrate virtually!

Why do we celebrate 420?

Do you know the history behind 420? Well, like everything else in the cannabis’s an exciting story. Basically, a few teenagers were given a map from their friend. Their friend’s brother was in the Coast Guard and planted a cannabis plant at Point Reyes. He was nervous they were onto him, so he made a map and gave it to his brother.


The boys would meet in front of a statue every day at 4:20, smoke a little (more likely, a lot) of weed, and go search for the plant. They never found it, but they accidentally created the Black Friday of weed, so that’s cool!

4 ways to celebrate 420 in 2021

If you’re not comfortable meeting in person, that’s okay. There’s a virtual event and a few solo ideas you can enjoy to celebrate the holiday. Here’s what we’re thinking:

Join a virtual Puff n’ Paint (or start your own with friends!)

Just grab some art supplies, schedule a Zoom call, your friends, and get in touch with your inner Bob Ross. Pro tip - decide ahead of time which strains or products you'll consume so you can all enjoy a similar experience from different places! If you’re painting, you know you need a creative strain. We recommend something like Chemdog or Jack Herer.


If you don’t want to schedule your own, no worries! Invite your friends and join this one.

A socially distanced outdoor sesh

This one might seem obvious, but it’s a luxury to be around other people as we navigate through a global pandemic. As things are beginning to open up and people are getting vaccinated, more and more people are hosting outdoor hang-outs with their loved ones.


Put a 420 twist on B.Y.O.B and B.Y.O.W, plus a few great snacks. If you have a friend with enough outdoor space to host a few friends, this is a great opportunity to bust out a Selfie. No, not a picture, but do that too and remember 4/20 this year! Grab a pack of Selfies, a 12-pack of pre-rolls, so you can all enjoy the same strain and puff without the pass. Bonus: if you’re in the Bay Area, we can deliver it, and you don’t have to leave the house. Don’t forget to take a Selfie with your Selfies and tag us on Instagram @mountain.remedy.delivers

Movie "date" and chill

If you're quarantining or just want to play it safe, movie nights can still be a fun experience if it's planned ahead like the old days of going to Blockbuster and making it a whole *thing*. Blockbuster is now the old days, and if you’re reading this blog post, it means you’re (hopefully) old enough to consume cannabis, so yes - you’re old now, too.


While we all may do this after work every night, we can still bring back the nostalgia of making the movie night special. Don’t scroll through Netflix for 22 minutes until you land on The Office and watch the same episode where Kevin spills the chili. Seriously, don’t.


Pick out a movie, hours in advance, and set a time to chill. Grab your snacks, drinks, and weed. Oh, and put your phone away and watch the movie!


If you want to eat your weed instead, we don’t blame you. Here are a few ideas:


  • Pot-corn (popcorn drenched in cannabutter)


  • CANN’s infused drinks (blood orange is delicious, and its unique taste will make 420 feel special!)


  • Infused pre-rolls (extra potency to get you buzzed)


  • Or, if you wanna take it to the MOST potent level, there are always dabs. Break out the PuffCo Peak vaporizer and your favorite concentrate that will launch you into the perfect headspace. Just don’t forget to watch the movie! Pro tip: watch a cannabis film, maybe even a documentary, and learn more about the plant you’re celebrating.

Get higher and get in touch with nature

Enjoying the great outdoors is still a safe activity (thank God), and the Bay Area has some of the world's most beautiful hiking trails.  Set yourself up with some weed that won’t start a fire, like edibles or vapes, and hit your favorite trail.


Set an alarm for 420 to take a moment to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Make an active effort to do this. Don’t take pictures of you “taking it all in,” really take it all in. Reflect on the last year and feel gratitude that you’re standing there.


Pro Tip: Schedule your weed delivery for the day before, so you're prepped and ready to go! If you want to learn more about the beautiful natural world around you, download the SEEK app from Inaturalist to take with you on your journey to help you identify the plants you cross paths with.


From all of us at Mountain Remedy, happy 420. We encourage you to learn something new about cannabis this year and continue sharing the wonders of this incredible plant with people you meet. Don’t forget to share your celebrations with us on Instagram!