How Covid Changed Cannabis, A Look at the New Normal

by mountainremedy
How Covid Changed Cannabis

Many industries have been hard hit by the mandated shutdowns of the seemingly never-ending COVID-19 pandemic. The tourism and service sectors, in particular, have witnessed double-digit declines. But how has the cannabis industry fared?

To the surprise of many, cannabis seems recession-proof. As the initial lockdowns went into place last March, many of us instantly experienced difficulty accessing the plant we relied on for medicine and stress relief. But just as quickly, we witnessed cannabis evolve into an essential service.

Curbside pick-up, delivery, and mail order become an option for people who could no longer access the products they needed from shuttered local retailers.  The good news it, getting cannabis delivered has never been easier! According to getting a weed delivery from Mountain Remedy is your top choice as well.

These changes will have long-lasting impacts on how people buy cannabis. COVID has changed the Cannabis industry, pro.

Cannabis as an Essential Business

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a global pandemic. As state after state-mandated business closures and the world spun into panic mode, what would happen to medical dispensaries and recreational retailers?

It quickly became apparent just how much people relied on cannabis during times of stress and anxiety. It took California only 10 days to designate cannabis retailers as essential services, allowing them to open back up safely and in a limited capacity. 

Effectively, Gov. Gavin Newsom declared that cannabis was crucial to the mental and physical well-being of Californians, just like hospitals and pharmacies. 

But California wasn't the only state to deem cannabis essential. A majority of states with recreational or medical programs quickly adopted mandates allowing cannabis stores to continue operation. From Colorado to Massachusetts, cannabis consumers were able to access the relief they needed.

COVID and Cannabis By the Numbers

After the initial halt to cannabis sales was reversed, the nation saw the cannabis flood gates open. At a time of unparalleled stress and anxiety, people turned to the plant for relief and relaxation in record numbers.

By September 2020, it was clear that the majority of consumers were dabbling with weed more than ever before. A New Frontier Data report found that 42 percent of cannabis consumers increased their consumption during the pandemic.

Among the people most likely to increase uptake? Parents at home with children, who presumably were seeking some respite from 24/7 childcare. Another demographic was people under the age of 34, who turned to the plant to alleviate anxieties about losing their jobs or missing out on opportunities.

Everywhere in America, cannabis offered relief from the continued lockdowns and 24-hour bad news cycle. By the end of 2020, Leafly calculated that Americans increased spending on cannabis by 71 percent over 2019’s numbers. That's 7.6 billion dollars more spent on cannabis across all legal markets.

Skip the Line, Cannabis Delivery in California Explodes

While ordering cannabis for delivery may not be a new service for Californians, the pandemic made it commonplace. Delivery is now the standard.

But why have Californians fallen in love with delivery for their recreational and medicinal needs? It has meant staying home during the pandemic and staying safe—no lines, no negotiations with masks, and no risk of exposure.

Just like we all love delivery pizza more than driving somewhere to buy a slice, it turns out everyone also loves delivery cannabis. This preference will surely stick around long after the pandemic has died down.

But, thinking beyond the pandemic, scheduling your deliveries of bud, edibles, and drinks is easy. There is no need to commute or plan around rush hour traffic. There is no parking to find or long lines to waste away in. 

Scheduling your deliveries of weed means that you get your relief when it's most convenient for you. Plus, you don't even have to change out of sweatpants.

COVID-19 Means Delivery Cannabis in California is Here to Stay

Although we've all known delivery pizza was worth it, for some reason, it took a global pandemic to make us realize that other delivery services are just valuable.

With California now making it easier than ever for retailers to deliver, this is one lingering effect of COVID-19 on the Cannabis Industry that we are happy is sticking around.