Halloween and Weed Inspiration (and Cannabis Delivery Makes it Easy)

by jessica
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Some say this time of year is for tricks. We say it’s for treats. With all the goodies available through cannabis delivery —there are many Halloween suitable treats for this spooky season. 

And how does halloween pair with weed? A great way to spend Halloween is to host or go to a ghoulish, adults-only get-together fueled with cannabis. 

Beyond the decor and dressing up, a cannabis beverage, edible, or some good old-fashioned flower can add an adult flair to the spooky ambience of this fun tradition. 

Spooky Cannabis Beverages 

With the influx of cannabis beverages available, we have some suggestions to help you weed through all the options. We’re stocking some pretty incredible cannabis brews.

Instead of a traditional alcohol-infused cocktail, we’d like to suggest a cannabis-infused beverage such as the Keef’s Mocktail Pineapple with 100 milligrams of THC. 

You can drink this one in small doses or make a delicious punch by mixing up a tray of drinks. Pour a little over ice, add some club soda, a splash of fruit juice, a slice of fresh orange, and a cinnamon stick. For extra flair, add a Halloween-themed garnish to each glass. 

Curious about cannabis beverages? Educate yourself on this brand new way to get a buzz.

What About a Pumpkin Bong and Bud?

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween. However, if you’re more of a traditional cannabis consumer and you’re looking to smoke some flower for the festivities, nature has an eco-friendly offering. 

Did you know that you can make a bong out of a pumpkin? Many have smoked out of an apple, and a pumpkin is another way to use organic material to create a flavor-infused bong. 

For supplies, you will need a pumpkin, a marker, a knife, a large spoon, and a smaller knife or something narrow like a screwdriver to cut out the bowl. If you want to get gussied up, you can use a bong downspout and mouthpiece. 

Instructions for a Pumpkin Bong:

  1. Cut a “lid” out of the top of your pumpkin and scoop out the insides.  
  2. Mark where you will cut into the pumpkin. Put the marks on opposite sides of the pumpkin toward the top. 
  3. On one side, carve out a bowl and don’t cut through the pumpkin. The carved bowl is where you will place your flower. Cut a hole at a 45-degree angle through on the opposite side for the mouthpiece. You can carve out another hole on the side as a carb. If you are using a down stem and mouthpiece, carve right through the pumpkin slowly and with precision. If the holes are too large, you won’t have enough of a seal to cause suction. 
  4. Insert the downspout and the mouthpiece if using them. 
  5. Pour some water into the pumpkin. If using a downspout, be sure part of it is in the water. 
  6. Put your flower into the bowl or the downspout and place your lid on top of the pumpkin. 
  7. Spark up your pumpkin bong and enjoy! 

As an added step, you can reuse the slimy insides for decor or a creepy Halloween game, and toast the seeds with a bit of salt for a nice snack after you smoke. 

In addition to the fragrant terpenes of the flower, you’ll get to enjoy a slight hint of pumpkin flavor from your bong. Our suggestions for flower this Halloween include relaxed, uplifting sativas and hybrids like Candylane's Holy Smokes and Ember Valley’s Acai Gelato

For something a little more upbeat and energizing, try Nug’s Premium Jack.

Gummy Halloween Treats for Adventuresome Folks

Whether heading to a party or handing out candy to adult trick-or-treaters, edibles are a discreet and fun way to enjoy cannabis. 

To add to the treat aspect of trick-or-treating, we suggest Kiva Camino Wild Cherry Gummies. They have a sweet, fruity flavor. They are tailor-made to bring a sense of travel and exploration, which complements ghosts, ghouls, and goblins nicely.

Like with all gummies, start low and go slow. It’s helpful to know how long gummies usually take to kick in for you personally so you can pair the timing of your Halloween high with your arrival at your destination. 

Plan Ahead for Halloween With Cannabis Delivery

We always recommend that you plan your cannabis choices in advance. You’ll especially want to do this for your beverages, gummies, and edibles, as they can take a while to kick in.  

This year when you put on your costume, treat yourself to some ghoulishly garnished weed “cocktails,” flower inhaled from a pumpkin bong, or cannabis-infused candy — all available via easy cannabis delivery.

Getting creative with the right dose and form of cannabis will add to the spooky ambience of your Halloween adventures. 

Happy Halloween, everyone!