Get a Buzz with Lost Farms and CANN Pairings

by mountainremedy
Get a buzz with this cannabis cocktail

It’s the perfect time of year to get outside and pair Lost Farms and CANN beverages for a mellow buzz while the days get longer and the weather warms up. We know many love the high they get from edibles.  However, we often hear it can come on strong and people don’t know when to eat more to keep it from fading away without overdoing it.  That’s why we’ve come up with a few pairings of Lost Farm Live Resin edibles, and CANN low-dose cannabis beverages to try out!  

Keep the buzz even and mellow as long as you like!

The Lost Farms and CANN pairings are perfect for maintaining a level of high throughout your leisure without going overboard.  Start with eating half of your Lost Farms gummy or chew (used as a garnish in these pairings), and put the rest back on the skewer.  Sip your beverage, at a 2:4 THC:CBD ratio per can, you’ll maintain a balanced buzz that is mellow thanks to the CBD.  When you’re near finished with your drink, or 45 minutes or so later, you may be ready to eat the rest of your Lost Farms edible garnish.  How quickly you consume and at what dose is up to your own personal preference and body chemistry.  This pace is a good place to start for an average consumer who has tried cannabis edibles, and will provide 12mg THC and 4mg CBD in total.

Why should I pair a Lost Farms edible with a CANN cannabis beverage?

Edible pairings are a smoke-less way to enjoy a high with a wider variety of terpenes and cannabinoids.  Combining Lost Farm gummies that contain Live Resin, and CANN 2:4 THC:CBD beverages, creates what we call “the entourage effect”.  This is a more complex high, as found when smoking flower.  The buzz lasts longer and is more enjoyable. You experience those feelings of euphoria and bliss. Laughter and the mood-lifting effects of cannabis are easier to feel when all of the terpenes and cannabinoids are part of the experience.  This is why some people feel some edibles last longer or are stronger, despite being the same total THC mg per dose.

The Perfect Lost Farms and CANN Pairings for a Buzz:

Blood Orange CANN & Lost Farms Juicy Peach Mimosa Gummies:

A mouthwatering blood orange beverage on ice with muddled peach and orange slice garnish.  Perfect for a warm afternoon buzz.

Recipe: Serves 1 each.  12 mg THC. 4mg CBD per serving.

    • Ingredients:
    • Directions:   
      • Fill a cup 3/4 with ice and pour in 1 Blood Orange CANN
      • Squeeze fresh orange into mixture in
      • Skewer orange slice, peach slice, and Lost Farms Juicy Peach gummy

Lemon Lavender CANN & Lost Farms Lemonade Purple Punch Chews:

Fresh lemon and earthy lavender pair with crisp blueberry seltzer and sweet yet tart Lost Farm chews.  Spend time in the garden with this mellow pairing.

Recipe: Serves 2 each. 12 mg THC. 4mg CBD per serving.

    • Ingredients:
    • Directions:
      • Fill cup with ice, and pour half full with blueberry seltzer
      • Fill the rest with half a CANN Lemon Lavender
      • Use Lemon as garnish, and 1 Lost Farms Lemonade Purple Punch Chew

Other Ideas for Lost Farms and CANN Beverage Pairings that will give you a buzz:

  • Grapefruit Rosemary CANN & Citrus Berry Blue City Diesel Chews
  • Cranberry Sage CANN & Sugar Plum Pluot Gummies