Fee Free Bay Area Cannabis Delivery

by mountainremedy
A Bay Area customer gets a fee free cannabis delivery

Did you know you can still get fee free cannabis deliveries in the Bay Area? We're all used to paying a delivery fee for everything now from groceries to take out. You would probably never imagine you can get a delivery of your whole stash, without a delivery fee. Order from Mountain Remedy and you can enjoy your time and get a fee free Bay Area cannabis delivery! Don't pay fees if you don't have to, stay home and enjoy your time while we do your chores for you. 

Fee Free Bay Area Cannabis Delivery Is A Legacy Service

Weed and delivery in the Bay Area go together like peanut butter and jelly. The reason for this goes back to the medical days of cannabis when dispensaries weren't as plentiful, and smokers usually got their products delivered. Ordering delivery was the way to get weed. It is more discreet than going to the club and waiting in line for the same product and brands.

High Gas Prices Cause Delivery Fees

With gas prices at record highs, every trip you make is important. The same goes for delivery service. Due to strict regulations, many companies make trips back and forth to a central hub or dispensary to pick up batches of orders. The price of making a delivery to your home has skyrocketed during one of the largest gas price increases in the last decade. That is why the average delivery minimum is around $75 before you get your delivery fee waived. Mountain Remedy keeps ours low at only $35, pre-tax. We utilize an efficient hybrid model of delivery that helps map out our orders in the most dense areas. Years of experience in the delivery space have helped us better understand customer needs and how to reach them logistically.

Corporate Cannabis Charges High Delivery Fees

As "corporate" cannabis has taken over the California landscape, most users have grown accustomed to paying high fees to have their cannabis delivered. Many companies came into the industry during California's pandemic delivery boom expecting to make huge profits for their investors. Their core focus has not been on understanding the market or customers needs. Corporate cannabis has a focus on creating a traditional delivery service product, similar to Uber Eats, only within the cannabis industry.

When you order from Mountain Remedy, you don't have to worry about delivery fees! We have the lowest delivery minimum in the cannabis industry to help you get your deliveries, fee-free. Mountain Remedy is owned and operated by legacy industry folks who care about providing the best service our customers expect.

The Lowest Delivery Minimums For Fee Free Cannabis Delivery Are At Mountain Remedy

Get a delivery from Mountain Remedy, The Bay area's go-to. You will earn a California industry-leading 8% rewards back. Redeem this towards orders directly on mountainremedy.com. When you do you'll also get access to the best exclusive deals and discounts on top cannabis brands. Best of all? It's easy to meet the low fee free delivery threshold with their minimum of only $35, pre-tax.

The Best Of The Dispensary, At Your Doorstep

Get the same selection available at a store delivered to your door same day. Each batch of cannabis is photographed in house. What you see is what you get when you order flower with us. Mountain Remedy's diverse Bay Area menu includes a huge variety of products from cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates, prerolls, CBD tinctures, and more. You like options? We've got options! We make it even easier to shop online for your weed by offering cash or card payments. Want to go contactless? We've got that too. Pay with your bank account online and make your delivery seamless.