Emerald Cup 2022 Winners: Mountain Remedy Highlights

by jessica
Flower , pre rolls and concentrate Emerald Cup 2022

There are few cannabis competitions more noteworthy than the Emerald Cup, which has been going strong for two decades. Held in the famous Green Triangle area of California, this event – once underground but now in the limelight – determines the industry’s finest weed every year.

Since the 2023 submission window for the marijuana Oscars is now open, we thought we’d revisit some of last year’s champions in anticipation of what’s to come.

New Terpene Classification System for 2023

Given the fact that indica vs. sativa is actually a false dichotomy, and keeping the importance of preserving weed quality in mind, the Emerald Cup has rolled out a new classification system for the 2023 competition. This puts specific terpene profiles in the forefront.

The categories are as follows:

  • Jacks + Haze (“energizing, cerebral”)
  • Tropical + Floral (“calming, relaxing”)
  • OGs + Gas (“stimulating, analgesic”)
  • Sweets + Dreams (“relaxing, couch lock”)
  • Dessert (“racy, uplifting”)
  • Exotics (“rare terpene combinations, varies”)

In a nutshell, categorizing in this way puts weed’s terpene profile – arguably the true map of the plant – ahead of simple THC content. This allows for nuance, not just when judging cannabis in a competition but also when figuring out which weed has the exact effects you’re looking for.

Mountain Remedy Emerald Cup Highlights

[caption id="attachment_1086" align="alignright" width="453"]Damian Robert Nesta "Jr. Gong" Marley performs at the Emerald Cup. The Emerald Cup may start with stiff competition, but it ends with a party.[/caption]

Mountain Remedy is proud to feature some of the winners of the 2022 Emerald Cup on our extensive weed menu. Products are varied and include vapes, snacks, drinks, tinctures, and edibles. These will give you an idea of what to expect from this year’s winners, too.

Jetty Extracts – Fatso Solventless Vape

This popular offering from Jetty clinched second place in the solventless vape category. That’s a high honor, especially given the huge increase of solventless products on the cannabis market. The result is a “light, golden oil” that’s extracted with water and ice – nothing else.

As for the effects of the Fatso vape, it’s the perfect weed for curling up on the couch when it’s rainy outside, or when you’re ready to chill out at bedtime. Expect a woodsy and fruity aroma that’s sure to please.

Papa & Barkley – Sleep Releaf

The first-place winner of the alternative cannabinoid edible was Papa & Barkley’s Sleep Releaf. It comes in a variety of formats including gummies, chocolate, and tincture. Not surprisingly, the goal of this blend is simple: to help people get the best night’s sleep possible.

The magic is in the ratio; Sleep Releaf contains 2:4:1 CBD:THC:CBN. This balance can help anyone struggling to catch some quality Zs or simply relax.

Potli x SF Roots – Shrimp Chips

Looking for a snack that screams Bay Area? Reach for Potli x SF Roots Shrimp Chips, a cannabis-infused twist on a classic Asian staple. This salty treat took home first place in the savory edibles category.

Whether you opt for the spicy or original, these chips – made with Potli’s famous weed-infused olive oil – are downright addictive. Pro-tip: Go low and slow, though it’s admittedly hard not to finish the whole bag.

Proof – CBN Tincture

The second sleep-inducing product on our list, Proof’s CBN tincture, secured the number two spot in the alternative cannabinoid tincture category. The brand notes that this blend is more potent than others of its kind, so it’s good for folks who haven’t had luck with those options.

As for the ratio, this tincture has 5 milligrams of both CBN and THC per dose. It also promises to help you stay asleep longer and wake up rested. Given its victory, it likely will.

Pure Beauty – Little Strong Drink

Stoner beverage fans, this one's for you: Pure Beauty’s Little Strong Drink came in second in the edible - beverage category. This live resin concoction has a wonderful flavor profile of concord grapes, cardamom, hibiscus, and an Indian shrub called Ashwagandha.

Obviously, the THC potency is intense in this drink, given its name. So again, go low and slow until you know how it impacts you.

The Emerald Cup Stamp of Approval

We’re hoping that the 2023 Emerald Cup is bigger and danker than ever before. And while we eagerly wait to see who will come out on top in this year’s competition, these award-winning products are sure to deliver on their promises.