Does Delta-8 Show Up on a Drug Test

by mountainremedy
Does Delta-8 show up on a drug test?

As a cannabis user, there is a good chance you have used Delta-8 THC at some point. This is a common type of THC to use when looking for a more mellow high than usual, as it is less potent than Delta-9 THC. Delta-8 offers a low-key high, but does that mean it stays in your system shorter than other types of THC? 


Perhaps the more important question: Does Delta-8 show up on a drug test? If you are a Delta-8 user, chances are, you will need to plan for a detox if you have a drug test coming up. 


Does Delta-8 Show Up on a Drug Test?


In short, yes. Delta-8, though less potent, is still THC, and it will still show up on a drug test as such. So, exclusively consuming Delta-8 THC is not an effective way to pass a drug test. Unfortunately, a drug test will not even distinguish between Delta-8 and a more potent level of THC or any other form of cannabis, for that matter. It will simply show that marijuana is present in your system. 


How Long Does Delta-8 Stay in Your System?


Delta-8 may be different from other forms of THC in psychoactive intensity, but it is not all that different regarding how long it will stick around in your system. Like all other forms of THC, this duration depends on things like frequency of use and your overall health/BMI. 


The average amount of time for cannabis to stay in urine is a few days to a week for average users with average health. Weed does not remain in the blood quite as long as urine; it only stays for a couple of days. The same applies to saliva. Hair is a different story, though, as weed can be detected through hair tests for up to ninety days. Furthermore, health and frequency of use don’t play much of a role in your hair, like they do in other kinds of drug tests. This is because any time a drug is consumed, it is fed through your bloodstream into your hair follicle and it stays there until that section of your hair is cut off. 


What to Do for an Upcoming Drug Test


Even if you’ve only consumed Delta-8 THC, drug tests are still something you’ll want to be prepared to take. First, you will need to know which type of drug test is being given. The most common are urine drug tests, followed by mouth swabs for saliva. But, you may need to provide a hair sample or even take a blood test. 


Next, you will need to determine your toxicity level, which we briefly mentioned before. Toxicity level is based on how often you use marijuana and the level of THC in the products you use. This affects how long it will stay in your system. Naturally, suppose you use Delta-8 THC very often, or you’re consuming products with very high THC percentages. In that case, you will have a higher toxicity level, and the marijuana will stay in your system longer. 


Again, with Delta-8 THC, it will usually not be detectable on drug tests quite as long as THC with higher potency under normal conditions. The third key factor is the amount of time you have; this could be determined by the drug test date or a deadline to get clean. Your cleansing deadline should be the key factor in deciding your detox plan. 


How to Detox Delta-8


The cleansing process to prepare for a Delta-8 drug test is the same process you would follow to get clean from any other cannabinoid, including all forms of THC. First things first, you will need to stop consuming Delta-8 THC right away. Halting consumption, plus the utilization of natural detox methods like drinking lots of fluids and exercising frequently, can most likely get you cleansed in about a month. 


If you don’t have that much time, you’ll need to consider using a detox cleansing product from trusted and reputable sources. These products boost your body’s natural cleansing process and get you detoxed in just a few days. If you’re in a really dire situation, there are even products that will get you ready to pass your drug test in one day


Final Thoughts


Like any form of THC, Delta-8 will show up on a drug test. But, since Delta-8 is a more mild form of THC, it will give you a slightly lower toxicity level and be gone from your system (aside from your hair) in about a week, give or take a few days; as long as you are not a frequent user and you have a relatively fast metabolism. If you are a frequent user, have a slow metabolism, don’t have more than a week to get clean, or you just want to take all possible measures to ensure passing that upcoming drug test, you can always try some detox products to aid your body’s natural cleansing process. With natural cleansing methods and the help of some detox products, you’ll be sure to pass that drug test in no time!