Live Resin vs Cured Resin: A Simple Guide

by jessica

Resin is a firm favorite among cannabis concentrates for its potency, smoothness, and straight-up deliciousness. Whether you dab it, vape it, or pack some extra in your joint, resin will reliably send you to the stratosphere. But if you’re looking for the ultimate flavor and intensity, you’ve probably wondered: which is better, live resin vs cured resin?

All resin is made from the sticky sap in the trichomes of the cannabis plant, which contain the cannabinoids and terpenes that give cannabis its flavor and potency. These are extracted using solvents, creating the golden-yellow syrupy substance known as resin.

So, what’s the difference between live and cured, and does it really matter? Let’s dive into the dope details.

What Is Live Resin?

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Compared to other cannabis concentrates, live resin is the relatively new kid on the block. 

Its main distinguishing feature is that it’s made using flower that has been flash-frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve freshness. That means the cannabis that goes into live resin hasn’t been dried, cured, trimmed, or aged in any way.

The big advantage of using freshly frozen cannabis is that the terpenes are perfectly preserved. That delivers a resin with all the characteristic flavors and aromas of the cannabis strain it came from.

The freezing process also helps to protect the delicate trichomes and deliver the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found inside.

Live resin saves the growers a lot of time, money, and labor because the plants don’t need to be manually trimmed and dried. But the freezing process requires very low temperatures and specialized equipment, which can push up the price.

What Is Cured Resin?

Humans have been curing plants for centuries. Curing cannabis helps prevent mold growing on the flower, and is an important step in developing flavor and potency. 

Before curing, the cannabis flowers are trimmed and dried to remove most of the moisture. Then they are put in glass containers to cure for a few weeks in a humidity-controlled environment.

Like aging whisky or wine, the cannabis matures in this time, developing flavor and potency. The cured flower is then put through the extraction process to become cured resin.

It is a longer process than freezing, with more variables at play. The aim isn’t to preserve the freshness of the flower, but rather to use temperature, time, and humidity to allow the taste to mellow and the THC concentration to increase.

Some cured resins also have other botanical terpenes added for an enhanced range of flavors.

What Are the Main Differences Between Live Resin vs Cured Resin?

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The Flower

The main difference is the starting material. Live resin is extracted from freshly frozen whole plant matter, whereas cured resin uses cannabis that has been trimmed, dried, and cured first. 

The Flavor

The flavor difference is a matter of personal preference. Live resin tends to give a bold flavor that tastes almost exactly like the strain it comes from. Cured resin is likely to have a more subtle blend of flavors.

This is how one Reddit user described it: “Live resin tends to highlight one or two main tastes while cured you have more of a well-rounded smell and taste profile.”

The Price

Live resin is often more expensive due to the added complexity of the freezing and extraction process.

The High

Here’s the bit you really want to know: Which one gets you more high? Live resin is said to be more potent because it is a more full-spectrum product, but it’s always worth checking the THC percentage on a specific product. 

Some users describe live resin as a heady high, while cured resin offers a more well-rounded and all-encompassing high. We say try them both and see which you prefer!

Mountain Remedy’s 3 Top Resins

  1. Highland Apple Tartz Cured Resin

If you’re going for cured resin, then Apple Tartz should be your first choice. This sativa-dominant strain has a pungent fragrance and a hint of sour, fruity flavor. It packs over 85% THC and gives an uplifting head high.

  1. Dip ‘n Dabs Blue Dream Live Resin Crumble

If you’re ready for a fresh hit of live resin, Blue Dream is the perfect strain to start with. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with nearly 74% THC, but it offers a relaxing body high that won’t overwhelm you. 

  1. Dime Bag Banjo Live Resin Sugar

It’s time to crank up the intensity. The Banjo Live Resin is a punchy sativa with 82% THC. The taste is tangy and citrusy, with a head-buzz high and uplifting effect.

Ultimately, you know your taste and high preferences best. Take yourself on a resin flavor safari and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a concentrate connoisseur.