The 8 Best Strains of 2021: Garanimals Strain, Alien OG, and more

by jessica
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Garanimals strain? Alien OG? Papaya Cake? There are more cannabis strains than ever on the market and, just like you, we love the variety. But when you’re spoiled for choice and wanting the best bud in the Bay Area, how do you know which strain to pick?

That’s why we wrote this guide to our best cannabis strains of 2021—to get you straight to the good stuff. It’s our selection of the dankest strains guaranteed to give the best buzz. 

From fruity faves such as Guava Cake and Grape Pie, to couchlock kings Venom OG and Mochi, we’ve got you covered. 

Granimals strain aka x Garanimals Strain 

This indica-dominant hybrid strain is known for powerful relaxing effects with a full-body high. If you’re coming home from work full of stress and tension from the day, a few hits of Granimals will send you to a calm, euphoric space to unwind. 

Other tokers found it helped to ease muscle pain, melted away anxiety, and helped fight insomnia.

Alien OG Strain

Want a terpene profile complete different from the Garanimals strain? A true hybrid, Alien OG will get you buzzing with a sativa-like creative energy but also give your body a lazy indica chill. The combination is perfect for light relaxation while still being sociable or creative, with easy giggles. 

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Guava Cake Strain

[caption id="attachment_910" align="alignright" width="580"]a couple holding a large cannabis bud, smelling We love the fruity terpene profile of Guava Cake and Mochi strains[/caption]

This well-balanced hybrid is known for its mood-elevating head high. Guava Cake is an indica-dominant strain, but the effects are primarily cerebral with minimal body sedation, leaving a pleasantly energizing experience that later fades into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Other smokers found it great as a wake-up strain, with a calming, heady effect that leaves you still functional enough for doing chores, a hobby, or organizing. 

  • Genetics: Gold Leaf pheno of Wedding Cake
  • Flavors: Tropical berry and sweet fruits, lightly earthy with a herbal exhale
  • Try it here: Tutti Guava Cake Shatter

Mochi Strain

This hybrid is known for promoting creativity and pain relief. Mochi shines in the taste department with a mouthwatering, sweet flavor. The high is gentler, with initial uplifting effects followed by a sleepy, sedative body high that will have you locked to your couch or in dreamland.

Other tokers found it great for anxiety and insomnia, and also stress relief.

Venom OG Strain

If you’re struggling to unwind and get to sleep at night, Venom OG is the perfect strain for full-body relaxation. This is a heavy-hitter with strong calming and sedative effects, along with light sensory elevation if you’re not already asleep. 

Reviewers found it helped with PTSD and anxiety, along with appetite stimulation. 

  • Genetics: Poison OG x Rare Dankness #1
  • Flavors: Skunky with elements of pine, lemon, and diesel

Papaya Cake Strain

This potent hybrid is an excellent lazy afternoon or evening smoke as it delivers a mellow, uplifting effect with a soothing body stone. Papaya Cake is often used to help bring on restful sleep or to stimulate appetite.

Some smokers found it good for calming racing thoughts and anxiety, and some reported relief of chronic pain and arthritis.

  • Genetics: Papaya x Wedding Cake
  • Flavors: Fruity papaya, sweet cake contrasted with sour lemon 
  • Try it here: Buddies Papaya Cake Live Resin vape cartridge

Kush Mints Strain

This hybrid strain boasts a unique minty flavor and super high THC content. Kush Mints has a potent effect that is predominantly happy and relaxing but can get heavy and sleepy in high doses.

Some users found stress and anxiety melting away and replaced by euphoria when they smoked Kush Mints. This strain is sometimes used by medical customers to increase appetite. 

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  • Genetics: Bubba Kush x Animal Mints
  • Flavors: Dominant mint with hints of coffee
  • Try it here: Old Pal Kush Mints flower

Grape Pie Strain

This strain is an indica-leaning hybrid with strong euphoric effects that give way to a deep relaxation without sedation. Grape Pie will start with a good mood and end with munchies on the couch.

Some other tokers found it eased tension and migraines, while nearly all reviewers described feeling happy, relaxed, or euphoric.

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Because there are so many cannabis strains out there—especially new varieties—choosing a strain can be overwhelming. The above strains are a mixture of classic crowd-pleasers and unusual new strains. From Garanimals strain to Grape Pie strain to the Papaya Cake strain , we love them all!

Remember that everybody has a different response to a strain. While certain cannabinoids tend to deliver certain effects, you might find that a strain that works for your friend is not so great for you. For this reason, experimentation is key—and that’s the fun part!

We hope you’re inspired to try out these top-notch buds and send yourself straight into cannabliss!