5 Hot Weed Strains to Enjoy in Oakland

by mountainremedy
Weed in Oakland header, hand holding joint

Taking your next session to The Town? We've curated a comprehensive list pairing five of our hottest strains with some of the best places to smoke them in Oakland. This is your go to guide for daytrippin' with weed in Oakland.

A Few Legal Caveats About Weed in Oakland

But first, a few tips to remember while out exploring on your next weed-filled Oakland adventure. Number one, it's technically illegal to smoke in a public space, which means at restaurants, parks, sidewalks, and beyond. We'd recommend finding a friendly (and legal) place to smoke up before taking your adventure public.

Second rule? No driving while under the influence. That means you'll want to plan to have your destination within walking distance or at least accessible via transit.

With those caveats out of the way, are you ready to start pairing some of the hottest strains with a few of Oakland's best destinations to enjoy?

Vape Your Way Around Lake Merritt 

468 Perkins St, Oakland

Take a stroll to Lake Merritt Lakeside Park. Located in the heart of Oakland, it's a waterfront oasis in the midst of the city. If a toke of Live Resin from Bloom Farms draws you to escape the chaos of the city, this makes for an excellent (and easily accessible) getaway.

Wander through the Rhododendron Garden, the super-compact Bonsai Grounds, or take in the sensations of the Sensory Gardens. There is more than enough to explore in this seven-acre, sprawling city park.  Friday nights this park is filled with activity and is a great place to experience the heart of the Oakland community.

Bloom Farms is an Oakland-based brand and offers a wide selection of strain-specific vapes sure to suit your cannabis needs! Why not support local on your weed in Oakland adventure?

Vapes are well suited to wandering through Lake Merritt Park and leaving you feeling buzzed while being discreet.  Not that anyone around Lake Merritt generally cares.

Sweet Sunsets at Point View Park

7th Street, Oakland

Grab that someone special and head over to Point View Park for sunset. Locals agree that this is one of the absolute best spots for soaking up the last of the sun's rays, with sweeping ocean views and a notable slow, calming energy.

Point View is a sprawling 4.5 acres of open parkland and seaside walkways. Don't forget to pack a picnic for when the munchies hit, and tuck some cannabis-infused drinks into your bag for a relaxing and memorable evening by the ocean.

Absolute Xtracts Hi-Fi Hops - Tuner 1:1 is a chill THC:CBD beverage delivering classic in-da-couch effects. That's why it's a match made in heaven for a relaxing evening lounging on your picnic blanket while watching the sunset in all its spectacular glory.

Secrets Revealed in Joaquin Miller Park with Sativa

3300 Joaquin Miller Rd, Oakland

There is no place better to get lost than Joaquin Miller Park, especially with a gentle buzz from an uplifting Sativa. Triangle Kush comes with happy, uplifting sensations and 16.9 percent THC, which means it's never too much to handle, especially while wandering in the woods.

The park, named for poet and writer Joaquin Miller, is steeped in secrets. From the strange Pyramid to Moses to the Funeral Pyre (both built by Miller himself), there are plenty of weird and wonderful park high lights.

Miller also curated the park by planting his favorite trees, many of which are still standing today. When you catch the distinct smell of eucalyptus on your wander, this helps bring Miller's vision to life.

Triangle Kush helps transform Miller's vision into a full sensory experience, from the stunning viewpoints overlooking Oakland to the aromatic landscape. Plus, as a sativa, it's an excellent choice for an all-day adventure.

Strolling with Strawberry Fruity Pebbles at the Jack London Square Marina

2 Webster Street, Oakland

When the water calls, pack your Strawberry Fruity Pebbles by NUG and head down to the Jack London Square Marina. Why the marina? Secretly, the marina serves as the perfect kickoff point for the San Francisco Bay Trail.

On warm summer days, this is where you'll want to be, especially stoned, thanks to the calm ocean vibes and cool breeze. It's peaceful and pairs well with Strawberry Fruity Pebbles. NUG got it right with this cultivar, as it's super-potent (29 percent THC), psychedelic, and spacey.

Blackberry Spacewreck at the Albany Bulb

Buchanan Street, Albany

The Albany Bulb is a strange, outdoor adult playground of art and the absurd. Formerly a landfill turned fringe artscape, the Albany Bulb is located in a wetland sticking out into San Francisco Bay.

According to Atlas Obscura, one of the landfills closed in 1987, in part because it was "a perfect location for those looking not to be patrolled." The area quickly developed "a reputation as an anarchic no-man’s land, especially at night." It may be far tamer today, but the artistic remnants still litter the surreal landscape.

The Albany Bulb is a perfect destination for creative types and urban explorers. When paired with Blackberry Spacewreck from Dime Bag, this area is even more intriguing. This sativa hits 19.5 percent THC and encourages creative, euphoric, and happy vibes. In our opinion, it's ideal for a wander through the weird landscape that is Albany Bulb.

Weed in Oakland is About Pairing Pot with Parks

Whether you’re visiting Oakland for the first time or a local exploring it for the hundredth, adding in a friendly flower will make your next Oakland adventure a memorable one.

Why not journey through the streets, parks, and museums of Oakland with a buzz, to see a new dimension to this great city?