5 Cannabis Products Perfect for Camping Trips

by mountainremedy
cannabis for camping

What is better than waking up on a summer morning just as the sun is peeking over the trees? Cannabis for camping trips is a perfect combo because it allows us to connect with nature in ways we can't during our daily lives. And if you're in the know, a time-honored camping tradition is sparking up some funky cannabis. Cannabis and camping go hand-in-hand, but not every product you can find in a dispensary is going to work well during a camping trip. So, before the season gets too far underway, we wanted to recommend some products that we love to bring into the great outdoors! 


Top 5 Cannabis Products that are Perfect for Camping Trips:

Old Pal Ready To Roll 

If you're going to bring your flower to a campsite, that also means bringing a ton of accessories that (first) you have to keep track of in the wilderness and (second) you need to keep in a cool, dry place. Not ideal.

Old Pal's Ready to Roll product is a pre-ground flower that comes in a 5-gram pack, complete with rolling papers and crutch! Everything you need to roll up in the wild in one resealable package.

For camping, we can't say enough good things about a great hybrid strain. Complex aromas and colors often accompany a hybrid with potent effects. After setting up camp, you'll be relieved to feel the tension melt away with the carefree mindset and physical relaxation that comes with a rich hybrid.

Old Pal Products


Nug Preroll

Some people aren't into rolling their own joints! If you're roughing it, there might not be a clean place to set out your tools and get to work. In that case, Nug's Prerolls are a great choice. With four individually rolled joints, all you have to do is pull it out and spark it up. 

We recommend an indica-dominant hybrid. Connoisseurs love these strains for their efficacy in helping with stress, depression, and pain. They're powerhouses with high THC. The effects are cerebral, euphoric, and heavy, perfect for those who tend to be restless in a sleeping bag. 

Nug Products



Kiva Wildberry Gummies

Edibles can be great for camping! There's less worry about starting fires, leaving behind litter, or pungent smells wafting into the next campsite. The effects last longer than smoking, and when used by experienced stoners, you can even fine-tune your buzz with accurate dosing. However, we recommend staying away from chocolate edibles, which are prone to melt during camping, especially in the summer!

Perfect for wild adventures, we recommend bringing along Kiva's Wild Berry gummies. They pair calming indica terpenes with notes of wild blackberry and fresh raspberries for a laid-back vibe.  

Kiva Products


Bloom Farms Live Resin

Another great option for those that want to keep this process simple, avoid littering or fire hazards, vape cartridges are a no-brainer. But remember, if your camping trip extends beyond a few days, you'll need to find a way to charge the battery or be doomed to sobriety for the rest of your trip.

Bloom Farms offers a 100% live resin extracted using fresh frozen flowers, harvested at the peak of flavor. So, the .5 gram cart packs in flavor and potency at the perfect travel size. A fruity Sativa is a delicious and perfect way for campers looking for a mid-hike energy boost.

Bloom Farms



Absolute Xtracts- Sleepytime Tincture

Not entirely comfortable with the great outdoors yet? You might want to bring along a fast-acting, potent tincture that you can use 15-30 minutes before lights-out. Tinctures allow for precise dosing and easy-to-pack packaging.

ABX Sleepy Time is formulated with potent THC and a supporting blend of terpenes designed to support restful sleep.

Absolute Xtracts Products



Ready with your stash for your camping trip?

Now you're armed with these cannabis products that were designed (if unintentionally) to be perfect for your camping trip. Feeling ready for your next night under the stars? You can follow the links in each section to take you to that product on our menu or go directly to our full cannabis products menu here.  Packed and ready to go?

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