20 Places to Explore in San Francisco When You Are High

by jessica
Places to visit in San Francisco, golden hour buildings

There’s a lot to be said for being high as a kite and chillin’ at home. You can veg out on the couch, binge on some Netflix, or entertain yourself with your Xbox. But if you are in San Francisco, you’ve got to go sightseeing, especially to the Golden Gate (and with cannabis!)

There are many places in San Francisco you and your baked buddies can check out.

San Francisco Cannabis Rules 

Here’s a quick reminder about the cannabis rules for the Bay Area so you can avoid getting in trouble while wandering around a bit buzzed.

If you are 21 and older, you can smoke, vape, and enjoy edibles since recreational cannabis is legal in California. Cannabis delivery is very legal, which means you can order your favorite edibles, prerolls, and drinks before you go. In a hurry? At Mountain Remedy, we offer express delivery which means its ready in 10 to 90 minutes!

Just remember, you can’t consume cannabis-infused products (in any form) when you are in a public place. You also can't drive while intoxicated, so plan to walk, take public transit, or have a DD for your San Francisco adventures.

20 Best Places: Where to Go in San Francisco When High

1. Walt Disney Family Museum 

Are you a Disney adult? Immerse yourself in all things Disney at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Check out the interactive galleries, exhibits, and workshops, and see how the psychedelic arts inspired the great Walt Disney.

2. Lovers’ Lane at the Presidio

Enjoy the mind-altering effects of marijuana by hiking the 0.6-mile Lovers’ Lane at the Presidio. 

Psst… Be on the lookout for Wood Line, a zigzagging art installation of felled tree trunks, and try walking on these.

3. The Wave Organ    

Music and a ganja high are a match made in heaven. Yeah? Head to the Wave Organ and listen to the music the ocean makes. 

Plus, there’s a pretty view of the Golden City.

4. Mission District 

You’ll be busy in the cultural hub that’s the Mission District. 

Check out the Mission Dolores Chapel, enjoy classic films at the New Mission Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, or visit Paxton Gate for treasures and oddities.

5. The Audium 

The Audium is a one-of-a-kind sound-sculpting event, offering a mind-trip like no other as sounds are pumped through 176 speakers in a darkened room.

6. Lincoln Park Steps 

The Lincoln Park Steps is a renovated tiled staircase in hues of yellows, orange, and blues. Sit and stare at the stairs for a trippy trip. 

7. Treasure Island 

Treasure Island is eerie, but you can avoid the spookiness. Have a picnic at Clipper Cove, visit Fat Grape Winery, or satisfy your munchies with some croissant French toast at Aracely.

8. Billy Goat Hill

Enjoy your high as you experience the rush of flying on the rope swing that overlooks the city. Well, when the swing is there....

9. Off the Grid

Find an Off the Grid food truck market near you, and tantalize trippy tastebuds with fantastic food and cultural experiences.

The Fort Mason Off the Grid market is great with amazing views of Alcatraz and the Bay.

10. Hippie Hill


In our opinion, Hippie Hill is the #1 spot to meet and hang with other stoners. Visit Munchie Land to satisfy your cravings with hot dogs, churros, and more. 

11. Seward Street Slides 

Take a friend and slide down the Seward Street Slides. You’ll need some cardboard (and maybe some wax paper for speed) and a bit of bravery to have loads of fun. 

12. The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen 

Munchies suck when you are stoned. So indulge in deliciousness. 

The Mac ‘n Cheese Grilled Cheese at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen is to die for! 

13. Puff Pass and Paint 

Have some hands-on stoned fun and check out Puff Pass and Paint. Sign up for a weed-friendly activity: You can paint, make ceramics, or join a cannabis culinary course. 

Fully cannabis licensed, it’s BYOC bring your own cannabis. Double the fun!

14. Lands End 

Feel alive while hiking (high-king, anyone?) the three-mile Lands End coastal trail. Breathe in the fragrant eucalyptus trees, and take in the rocky cliffs, shipwrecks, and Golden Gate Bridge. We'd say it's a good combo: the Golden Gate with cannabis.

15. Lafayette Park 

Check out the slides, climbing rocks, and city views at Lafayette Park. Or simply lay on the grass, do some yoga, and hang with your buddies. 

16. Twin Peaks

With a mellow high, hike to the top of Twin Peaks (if you are fit!). If you’re on a serious high, ask a friend to drive you. Take in the stunning views of the Golden City at sunrise or sunset.

17. Punch Line 

Another great match is weed and comedy. Visit San Francisco’s oldest running comedy club Punch Line and laugh even harder when you are stoned.

18. Conservatory of Flowers

Appreciate the fragrance of roses at the Conservatory of Flowers. With a bit of ganja, you’ll slow down and appreciate the beauty of the flowers even more.

19. The Tech Interactive

The nerdy stoners can properly trip out at The Tech Interactive. Experience hands-on labs, interactive exhibits, and IMAX films in a new way when you are high. 

20. Pier 14

Pier is an underrated gem. Vibe with the Bay Bridge’s light show at dusk while taking in the Bay Area sights.

Get High at the Golden Gate with Cannabis

Now you know exactly where to go when you are stoned in San Francisco. You can chill in the outdoors, enjoy music or comedy, or be creative. Your high simply enhances the experience.